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12 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Bridal Jewellery!

12 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Bridal Jewellery!

You might be a shopaholic and have been on your A-game each time you hit the mall, but ladies, bridal shopping is a whole different ball game! There is lots of planning and budgeting that precedes this. It’s the start of a new phase in life, and that calls for a couple of changes in terms of what you are investing in. Bridal jewellery happens to be a major part of the shopping budget for your wedding. To make sure that you have no regrets later and pick the best for yourself, here are a few pro tips to keep in mind before going out and splurging on your bridal jewellery!

1. Decide Your Outfit First

1 bridal jewellery It’s essential that you choose your wedding outfits first. Once you have finalized the different ensembles for the various events taking place, it’s much easier to pick out jewellery that matches them. There are a lot of factors that come into play depending on what you are wearing. If it’s dull gold, you need antique jewellery; a diamond set might look jarring. So you need to freeze this aspect first!

2. The Big Budget Boundary!

Fine jewellery can cost a fortune and thus, it’s extremely important that you set a budget with an upper limit. Depending on that, you can go out and explore the designs, stones and metals available. Overshooting your budget is common, but in this case, we are talking about lakhs of rupees being invested, so it’s best to look within your means.

3. Research Well In Advance!

3 bridal jewellery When it comes to shaadi jewellery, everyone has a say in it. From your mother-in-law to your father, it’s best to choose something that you like so you carry it off confidently. So, gather pictures from the internet, browse through Pinterest and Instagram and make a folder with designs that you like most. A reference makes everyone understand what it is that you are looking for!

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4. See What Type Suits You!

We’re not just talking about metal allergies. Like the silhouettes of an outfit, there are types of jewellery that enhance one’s looks as compared to the others. So if it’s choker necklace or a rani-haar, a chandelier earring or a large pair of studs - you have to see what you look best in. You need to take a pick wisely and choose something that goes well not just with the outfit, but also your personality.

5. Definitely, Try Some Jewellery On!

5 bridal jewellery Place jewellery on yourself and see how it looks. Sometimes we imagine that a particular type of necklace would look better on us, but after having tried it, we realise it’s taking away from the outfit and is distracting. So a trial is important. Make sure to carry a picture of the outfit too so the jeweller can also suggest some pieces that may complement your entire look.

6. Choose As Per The Shape Of Your Face And Neck.

A broad matha-patti on a round face may make it look fuller. Instead, go for just a simple maang-tikka. Similarly, someone with a broader forehead can opt for a larger maang-tika. A person with an oval face shape should avoid longer necklaces, as it elongates the appearance. Choose a wider necklace instead, that enhances your collar bone area.

7. What Does Skin Tone And Jewellery Have In Common?

7 bridal jewellery We’re blessed when it comes to traditional jewellery. For example, polki suits most people, but make sure to pick a dull gold set if you have a slightly darker skin tone. For fairer skin, you can opt for brighter gold. Diamonds with white gold may look very stark if you have a pale skin tone. Not to discriminate according to colour, but embracing one’s look along with jewellery that complements it, isn’t wrong, is it?

8. Take Into Account Your Wedding Dates

If you are going wedding shopping a year in advance make sure to pick out jewellery that is more classic, as fashion changes and so do designs. If you are going for a modern design, chances are that towards the wedding day it starts looking a bit dated. But if you choose a more conventional design, it’ll look evergreen.

9. Is This Just Jewellery For The Occasion Or An Investment?

9 bridal jewellery Jewellery is almost like an investment, ladies. Thus, you need to make sure that the investment may be able to give returns in the future, if need be. Diamonds don’t have much of a resale value but gold and some other precious stones do. So make sure to buy jewellery that has a higher resale value - save it for the rainy days.

10. Choose Something Versatile!

Most Indian brides pick out jewellery that is elaborate and thus you won’t be able to wear it too often in the future. Think about jewellery with changeable stones and pieces that can be used again and again. Getting yourself a set that can be transformed into lighter sets when you need it. Otherwise, the jewellery will just be lying in your bank locker. Pick classic pieces like jhumkis, cocktail rings and necklaces that you may consider wearing to another wedding too.

11. What Is The Final Makeup And Hairstyle Look Like, On The Day!

11 bridal jewellery This can be worked around but, if you are bride who is planning to tie up your hair in a fancy jooda, then you can play around with smaller earrings and a big neckpiece perhaps. But for another function, if you are planning on leaving your hair open, make sure to choose earrings that are long and visible. No point spending money on them otherwise, right?

12. Are You Expecting Any Family Heirloom?

Many times, handovers from your mother or grandmother can be worn at the wedding too. Make sure to go through that before venturing out to buy your bridal jewellery. You might actually find something phenomenal or can also create something from what you already have. This way you can land up saving money and wearing something meaningful on your special day! Internal Images: Shutterstock
Published on Dec 21, 2016
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