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10 AMAZING Tips To Pick The Perfect *Engagement* Ring!

10 AMAZING Tips To Pick The Perfect *Engagement* Ring!

Your engagement ring is probably the first official token of love from your husband to you. This is what makes it so special and also differentiates itself from any other piece of jewellery you’ll ever own. To help you pick the perfect ring then, we’ve listed down 10 tips that’ll make it tad bit easier. After all, if it’s going to sit on your hand forever, you might as well get the best there is, right?

1. What’s your budget?

First things first – decide upon the budget for your ring. Zeroing down on your your engagement ring might take a while, so you need to plan ahead for it. Only after you’ve decided how much you want to spend on it should you go jewellery hunting. You wouldn’t want to settle your heart on one piece and find it is way out of your reach, would ya?

Plan ahead and stay within your budget with this wedding planner and organiser! (Rs 1,481)

2. What will you love wearing on your hand, forever?

Some of us can’t dream of anything less than a solid solitaire for our engagement ring while others would be happy with a simple platinum band instead. Know what is it that your heart desires by noticing what women around you are wearing and studying the latest jewellery trends on the internet. But remember, you’d be wearing your engagement ring all your life, so pick something that’d make you happy every time you look at it!

2 engagement ring

3. Size matters

Most people wear their engagement rings on an everyday basis. Just like it shouldn’t fall off your finger, it shouldn’t feel too tight or heavy either. Our fingers tend to shrink and swell up with internal and external changes in our bodies. The best time to get your finger sized up then is during the middle of the day, when you’re calm and your body temperature is normal.

4. How high maintenance are you?

Since you’d be investing a good amount of money and effort in choosing your engagement ring, you must also think about its maintenance. If you are extremely careful about their stuff, you can opt for more delicate and intrinsic patterns. But if you are particularly fussy and a bit clumsy, then you should go for more solid patterns that are easy to clean and maintain.

Invest in these affordable brushes (Rs 100) to keep dust and dirt from settling down on your ring.  

5. Make sure you check the ring for its quality

Whenever you buy any piece of jewellery, make sure you’re not being duped of your money. Ensure its quality by looking out for the manufacturer’s trademark on the inside of the ring and also see whether it has been certified to make sure that the metal quality is authentic.

5 engagement ring

6. What does your lifestyle demand of your wedding ring?

If you’re responsible for all the household chores, then you can’t possibly wear your engagement ring on a daily basis, because it can wear it down. And if that not the case, then you can opt for simplistic designs designs that make a statement without calling for undue attention at the workplace. Either way, the engagement ring should suit your lifestyle.

7. Narrow down what you want

Pick the chief jewel first (sparkling diamond or a colored gemstone, plain old gold or the modern platinum) Once done, decide on the cut of the ring then, the kind of style, the embellishments and the engravings on the ring. Your jeweller will be able to serve you much better if you go with a clear idea in your mind about the particular design you desire.

You can even mix up styles. Opt for colored gemstone that has diamonds on the side and is patterned like a band, like this ring by CaratLane (Rs 37,894)  

8.  Glitter on!

Here comes the most fun part about buying an engagement ring. You get to try on many precious pieces and let their glitter dance on your fingers. Unless you try different styles, cuts and stones – you wouldn’t feel satisfied with what you finally choose. Oh, and try each one on your hand too, always helps!

8 engagement ring

9. Buy it with your fiancé

Most couples prefer two-of-a-kind engagement rings. It makes sense then that they should go together to shop for it. Plus, when couples shop for their engagement rings together, they can pick individual pieces they like and then coordinate their color, embellishment or engraving – so that despite being different pieces, their rings have some semblance of similarity and look like a pair.

10. Know your jeweller

Modern jewellery designs are great but there is a reason why the old names win in the jewellery market – it’s because of the trust their name holds and sells!  So make sure you have done proper research, asked around about your jeweller and ensured that he is authentic and doesn’t overcharge you in the name of quality!

Understand the price break up and the stone details, like the one shown for this gorgeous ring (Rs 63,708) here.

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Published on Oct 6, 2017
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