Tools to make planning wedding super-duper easy!

Tools to make planning wedding super-duper easy!
If anyone ever tells you that planning a wedding is as easy as a breeze, they’re lying! First off, planning wedding can’t really be plain or easy. Secondly, it’s the little details that will complete your day, so to keep a track of all that – with or without a wedding planner is a herculean task. Let’s simplify it for you. Try these wedding planning tools, lists and gadgets and you can thank us later. Take a deep breath bride-to-be, these planning wedding tips will make your life SO much easier!

1. Start with a diary

1 wedding planning tools

Nothing beats the excitement of writing things down the good, ol’-fashioned way. Get a smart but pretty looking diary with internal segregations for planning wedding. Write notes, paste pictures, use colourful pens - make it fun.

2. Pin your interest

Have you seen those dreamy, whimsical wedding ideas on Pinterest? Well make your own pinboard and drop off your favourite images on it. Then take a virtual tour of your superb shaadi every single day planning wedding..

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3. Print a checklist

3 wedding planning tools

There are plenty of checklists for planning wedding online that you can customise. Print a few copies on a nice, pink or pastel-hued paper and paste it near your bedside. Each night, strike off the things that you’ve completed and have a good night’s rest

4. Make a timeline sheet

From the time you get engaged to the big day, make a goal sheet of things that ought to be done and practical timelines for each to help you with planning wedding. This is similar to your checklist but is more like an overview than the micro details. Again, using pretty-papers will keep you cheerful.

5. Digital planner

5 wedding planning tools

There are plenty of wedding planner tools online but most are catered to the white weddings of the west but if you look at sites like Indian Wedding Toolkit and Wed Me Good, they have free tools and vendor information that you can use to plan your Indian planning wedding. 

This site, Wedding Planning has an online wedding planning software for stress-free management of an Indian shaadi. From managing guest lists to sending email and SMS invites to handling card and sweets distribution support and hotel bookings, the software has you covered.

6. Spreadsheets

Are you the nerd in office who is used to working on excel spreadsheets and find them more professional – try these super useful wedding spreadsheets and you’ll have your ready shaadi tools on it, perfect for planning wedding.

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7. Table calendar

7 wedding planning tools

Get a nice, cute one and put your to-do list on it date wise as part of your planning wedding. You can post sticky-notes as well and this can rest on your home or office desk, reminding you to “do-things”, date-wise

8. The must-have photobucket

From the fresh henna photos to the back of the dress to wedding shoes, it’s good to make a list of must-have photos you need to get clicked for the best memories. Get references from the internet and share the sheet with your photographer so that he has a fair idea of what you have in mind

9. Cool craft

9 wedding planning tools

You’ll find a host of cool, fun, printable stuff that can leave you and your guests wanting for more. From culinary tags and chalkboard signage to signature wedding stamps – they have all the stuff you didn’t think you need but you do before organizing a wedding.

10. The emergency list

Believe it or not, but you will need an emergency wedding-day box with a host of things in it like safety pins and glue, mint and chapstick – oh there are a dozen, before organizing a wedding! Make sure you think carefully about all the things you may need and should prepare for your big day and keep this kit ready.

11. i-Can help

11 wedding planning tools

Got an iPhone, try iWedding Deluxe for your wedding checklist. The app will do things like planning your guest lists and will help you choose your ring and pick a honeymoon destination too

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