The 13 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes (And Their Fixes!)

The 13 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes (And Their Fixes!)
As a to-be bride, you will be planning various things over the next few months - clothes, functions, décor, food, gifts, jewellery...the list is endless. It is natural for your head to spin with having to plan so many things, thus we list a few wedding planning mistakes one tends to make and ways to fix them.

1. Not having a budget

This is a basic rule of wedding planning. Setting a budget at the beginning will help you keep track of your entire wedding planning journey and the expenses involved. This will help you identify what is important for you - something you’re willing to spend some extra money on - and will also prevent you from overspending. With so many options available everywhere, a budget will help you spend money on the things that we really want/need.

1 wedding planning mistakes

2. Choosing a vendor based on the “cheapest quote”

It is your wedding after all. Do not choose your decorator or caterer based on the cheapest quote. Make sure you do all your homework and research about everyone before taking the final call. Meet your vendors and have them show you their work in person. Once you have met everyone, make your final choice.

3. Underestimating the guest list

The concept of RSVP is still new to Indian culture, and thus, one can never be sure about their guest list. Make sure you have a 10% plus and minus to your guest list. Keep this margin and give the number to your caterer and venue person.

3 wedding planning mistakes

4. Trying to shed too many kilos

Don’t place an order for your wedding blouse or lehenga two sizes smaller than your size at the time of placing the order. If you plan to lose weight for your wedding, adopt the healthy way by exercising and eating healthy. Crash diets will make you look weak and that will take away the glow from your skin. We suggest you place an order in your size at the time and get a final fit done, if needed, a week before your wedding.

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5. Ordering your lehenga too soon

The search for the perfect lehenga begins as soon as the wedding gets fixed, but keep calm girls. Don’t be hasty in choosing your wedding lehenga. Wait for the new collection of lehengas and colours to come in at the stores before making your final choice.

5 wedding planning mistakes

6. Sweating over small things

There will be some small things that will go wrong; someone or the other will forget to carry something for you or not pick up the right shade of red for the milni maalas, etc. Just forget these small things. You are marrying the man you love and thus you need to stop caring about these minute details. Don’t be so involved in the small details that your focus shifts from your wedding celebration.

7. Having an open bar throughout the functions and beyond!

Your guests will have a great time with an open bar all night long, but often the cost of this is underestimated. So do keep a budget in mind if you plan to have an open bar all through the ceremonies and manage things accordingly.

7 wedding planning mistakes

8. Too many opinions

Make a small group of people whose opinion you want to consider. Too many opinions will just lead to confusion and inefficient decision making. Involve your close friends and family when you need to make decisions about your clothes, the décor and other things.

9. Having Great Expectations

Wedding magazines and Pinterest raise our expectations and give us dream wedding goals. Do not expect your décor to be a replica of what you saw on Pinterest. Keep that as an inspiration and ask your décor person what his/ her strengths are, and whether he/ she can give you the same setting or has something better in mind.

9 wedding planning mistakes

10. Not following up with all the vendors

Make sure to designate this task to your siblings or cousins. It is essential to follow up with all the vendors and ask whether everything is ready or not. Also, make sure you give them only an advance payment before the function. Make the full payment once their work is over.

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11. Making it all about yourself

Yes, it is your day and you deserve all the attention and love in the world! But remember that your friends and family have come all the way just to be a part of your special day. Make sure you pamper them and thank them through sweet gestures for being there to bless you both.

11 wedding planning mistakes

12. Not leaving room for additional costs

There are bound to be some extra costs that will come up during your wedding. Make sure you keep an envelope with some extra money aside for all the unexpected costs that might come up.

13. Taking every comment to heart

It is the day you and your fiancé are going to celebrate for years to come. You will be extra emotional and sensitive. So take it from us, ladies - don’t bother about the distant relative who always has a problem with the way things are around him/ her. Just enjoy yourself and live every moment of your wedding; you will be creating memories of a lifetime.

13 wedding planning mistakes

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