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8 Simple Kajal Tricks For Perfect, Smudge-Free Eyes Every Time!

8 Simple Kajal Tricks For Perfect, Smudge-Free Eyes Every Time!

8 Simple Kajal Tricks For Perfect, Smudge-Free Eyes Every Time!

There’s just something about kohl-rimmed eyes that bring a subtle but magical touch to your look. So much so that our eyes feel incomplete without a dash of kohl. If you’re a girl who can’t step out of the house without a few black swipes of this makeup du jour or you rely on it to add drama your look, you definitely need to read these kajal tips and tricks. From applying it right to creating new looks, follow these kajal tips to highlight your eyes like never before.

1. Are You Using The Right Eye Pencil?

Since kajal is probably one of the most important makeup tools you own, it’s important to use a good one. Make sure to opt for a kajal  that has the following properties:
  1. Smudge-proof, so it stays on no matter what.
  2. Water-resistant in case of rain, humidity, sweat or happy tears.
  3. Long-lasting for a perfect look even on super long days and nights.
  4. It should include nourishing ingredients and intense colour pigments.
Avoid glittery kajals or ones that have a shine as they could irritate your sensitive eyes. If you have watery eyes and feel like a regular kajal eyeliner doesn’t stay on for long, you need to find the best one for you with some trial and error. If nothing else, a gel liner with a brush is a great idea.

2. Apply Your Kajal Eyeliner Right

2-kajal-tips We could all use a few tricks on applying kajal makeup perfectly. Thick, uneven lines are something that we’ve all ended up with before and can take away from the beauty of our eyes. Step 1: Kajal is stubborn to take off, so make sure to clean and prep your peepers first. They should be devoid of the previous day’s kajal before you begin.
Step 2: Apply a bit of concealer on your under eye area and blend to even out dark circles, especially since dark kajal can draw attention to them. Step 3: Use your finger to gently pull at the under eye area to expose your waterline. Apply your kajal starting at the outer corner in short strokes to impart more colour and to also prevent your line getting uneven. Step 4: Finish by applying a bit of powder to your lashline with a flat brush to prevent smudges. Don’t forget to add a few swipes of mascara to open up those beautiful eyes. 864229607175575552

3. Don’t Apply Kajal Makeup In The Inner Corners

A lot of girls begin apply their kajal eyeliner from the inner corners to the outer corners. You know, this only makes your kajal pencil wet thanks to the runny area and it won’t come out as intense as it should. You should always begin applying it from the outer corners. In fact, you shouldn’t be applying it in your inner corners at all, especially if you’re going to be lining your upper lids and if you have small eyes. When you line your upper and lower lids, leave your inner corners devoid of colour to prevent your eyes from looking smaller. Try it to notice the difference. Also read: We Tried 8 Kajals. Here’s How They Looked By The End Of The Day! 864229607175575552

4. Intensify The Look With These Kajal Tips

4-kajal-tips Dark kajal eyeliner highlights and adds depth to our peepers. To intensify its effects and to ensure it stays on for super long, try this trick. Just dip the tip of your kajal pencil into a gel liner pot and then apply it to your waterline. This will give it a super dark effect that will stay like that all day.

5. Put Some Eyeshadow On Intensify Eye Makeup

If you really want to make your kajal to be smudge proof, then try this simple hack. Take a brush dipped in black/ brown eyeshadow (or in whatever colour your kajal is) and apply it on top of your kajal line. It will keep it in place no matter what the day throws at you and will help it look exactly as it did when you applied it, even hours later.

6. Get The Perfect Smokey Eye

6-kajal-tips Don’t have time to ace an 8-step YouTube tutorial on smokey eyes using 5 different eyeshadow shades? No problem! Just give your kajal makeup look smokey in 2 minutes for super dramatic and sultry eyes. Apply a creamy kajal on your upper and lower lashline and waterline - don’t worry about getting even and neat lines. Then, take a pointy or flat brush and smudge it out on the top and bottom. Before you finish, draw a small “V” (well, a sideways one!) at the outer corners of your eye and smudge it with your brush. Be super generous with your mascara for a super striking look. 864229607175575552

7. Kajal Tips: Oiliness Be Gone!

If oily lids are a major concern and ruin the effect of gorgeous, kajal-rimmed eyes then all you need is a little powder. Apply it on your lids, in the corners and along the lower lashline to make your eyes and your kajal oil-proof. This will also prevent that shiny effect from appearing through the middle of the day.
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8. Be Prepared In The Face Of Kajal Make-Up Emergencies

8-kajal-tips If you can’t think of leaving the house without adding some kajal magic to your eyes, then it’s smart to always carry some cotton swabs or even Q-tips with you in your bag. It never hurts to always be prepared. This way, even if your kajal does smudge because you accidentally rubbed your eyes, got caught in a downpour or had a good cry, you can fix it without panicking. Wipes are also a good idea to mop up sweat and oil. Images: Shutterstock
Published on Sep 19, 2016
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