10 Herbal Kajals That Are GOOD For Your Eyes?! Yes, Please!

10 Herbal Kajals That Are GOOD For Your Eyes?! Yes, Please!
Don’t we girls love using kajal? For most of us, it’s the only make-up we use every day. However, not every kajal out there in the market is good for your skin. Some of them are unfortunately packed with harmful chemicals that can damage your skin. The solution? Herbal kajals, of course! These babies are affordable, enriched with natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin types. Here are 10 herbal kajals in India that are healthy and good for your skin. (Thank us later!))

1. Blue Heaven Herbal

best herbal kajals

There is nothing about this natural kajal we don’t love. Its creamy yet soft texture makes it easy to apply. It contains desi ghee, honey extracts and almond oil. The best part of this herbal kajal is that it’s affordable, smudge-proof and lasts throughout the day.
Price: Rs. 65. Buy it here.

2. Jovees Kajal

best herbal kajals

If you want to add character and a dramatic effect to your beautiful eyes, Jovees Kajal can make that happen. Since it’s loaded with natural ingredients like triphala, herbal extracts, carbon and almond oil, it has a positive impact on your eyes. It promotes growth of your eyelashes and provides valuable nourishment.

Price: Rs. 90. Buy it here.

3. Biotique Kaajal Nourishing & Conditioning Eye Liner With Almond Oil

best herbal kajals

Since this kajal contains rich amounts of natural extracts and oil, it does wonders for your eyes! Its creamy texture makes it pleasurable to apply on your eyes and gives you a smoky yet bold definition. It provides the required nourishment to the skin around your eyes and also simultaneously promotes the growth of eyelashes, making it one of the best herbal kajals in India.  

Price: Rs. 98. Buy it here.

4. Amura 12 Hrs Professional Herbal Kajal

best herbal kajals

For eye cleansing, protection and improving vision, this kajal does a fabulous job! It’s believed to be made from all things natural and gives your eyes the depth and definition they truly deserve. Since this kajal has no side effects, it can agree with almost every skin type out there! So ladies, what you waiting for? Get yours today!
Price: Rs. 110. Buy it here.

5. Himalaya Herbals Kajal

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The beauty of this kajal is that it’s made of five diverse natural ingredients; almond oil, castor oil, damask rose, triphala and camphor are its key components. While applying it, you’ll notice that it’s smooth and makes your eyes look more attractive. Interestingly, these herbal kajals have anti-inflammatory properties that prevent eye redness, swelling and keeps your precious eyes hydrated at all times. Give it a shot today!
Price: Rs 120. Buy it here.

6. Fabindia Almond Kajal

best herbal kajals

For everyday use, this kajal is perfect! It contains shea butter, beeswax, triphala extract, carbon, petroleum jelly, camphor, castor oil, octyldodecanol, paraffin wax and, of course, almond oil. You’ll notice that once you’ve applied it to your eyes, it gives an intense look and acts as a coolant for your skin without smudging.

Price: Rs. 150. Buy it here.

7. Lotus Herbals Natural Kajal

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Lotus Herbals Natural Kajal is enriched with the botanical extracts of camphor and almond oil. These two key ingredients promote lash growth and pamper eyes. It is 100% natural, smudge-proof and is long-lasting. It makes your eyes pop and gives them a defined appearance. If your eyes are sensitive, then these herbal kajals are the products you should swear by!
Price: Rs. 135. Buy it here.

8. Iba Halal Care Pure Eyes Natural Kajal

best herbal kajals

These herbal kajals contain all the goodness mother nature has to offer! It contains natural carbon, Vitamin E, aloe vera, almond and black seed oil. It’s smudge-free and glides effortlessly across your upper and lower lash line. For those with delicate and dry skin around the eyes, this product will do a fabulous job at keeping it healthy and cool.

Price: Rs. 210. Buy it here.

9. Shahnaz Husain Sha Eyes Herbal Kajal

best herbal kajals

The stylish and creative packaging of these herbal kajals certainly impress us! It not only looks classy but is also extremely lightweight. You can carry it almost everywhere! It adds definition to your eyes, improves vision, encourages the growth of your eyelashes and is extremely easy to apply.
Price: Rs. 275. Buy it here.

10. SoulTree Kajal

best herbal kajals

Did you know that the products used to make these herbal kajals are all organic and natural? In fact, it’s made with handmade carbon black which is extracted from vegetable oil lamps, organic ghee, almond oil and natural mineral colours. These very ingredients are responsible for keeping your eyes cool while giving them a bold and dark look.

Price: Rs 350. Buy it here.
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