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14 *Beautiful* Choodas You’ll Love (No, They’re Not Just Red!)

14 *Beautiful* Choodas You’ll Love (No, They’re Not Just Red!)

We’ve seen many newly married women wearing the classic red and white chooda for quite a while. This two-toned set of bangles was originally made in ivory and glass and was worn by most brides for a year after the wedding to symbolise their newly married status. However, nowadays most brides wear the chooda for just 40 days since it’s difficult to handle for many. Now, given that it’s a tradition which is very closely followed in Hindu and Punjabi families, what do you do if you’re a bride who doesn’t really fancy the colour red? Here, we present to you, 14 beautiful choodas to choose from, besides the traditional red and white ones!

1. For The Rani!

1 bridal chooda When you are going for a rani pink lehenga, this gorgeous chooda will match it perfectly! It includes a few tiny stone etched bangles that give the set a glittery touch.
Price: Rs 4,000. Buy it here.

2. Purple Dreams!

2 bridal chooda A unique combination for a chooda, this purple set with broad white bangles along with tiny red inserts, is for the bride who loves the colour purple. It’s a beautiful combination, we’d say! Price: Rs 4,000. Buy it here.

3. Pristine Ivory!

3 bridal chooda Since this is customary, why not stick to the ones that go back to the times the chooda was introduced to the world. Little red stones along the line with broad ivory bangles seem like the neutral option that many will take a liking to. Price: Rs 2,900. Buy it here.

4. The Royal Blue Set!

4 bridal chooda This strikingly different colour coded chooda is for the bride who likes to stand out every day! Along with being the special one wearing this customised chooda, you’re also wearing the colour of royalty - blue. Price: Rs 5,100. Buy it here.

5. Evergreen Emerald-Green!

5 bridal chooda Now, we all know green and red make a good combination. To look like the unique bride you’ve always dreamt of being, wear this green set with your maroon/ red lehenga. Trust us, it’ll not look out of the place and will complement the outfit too. Price: Rs 4,005. Buy it here.

6. Bright Yellow Touch!

6 bridal chooda When your soul is made of bright things, you cannot wear something that doesn’t go well with it. This bright yellow along with bangles studded with white stones is simple yet loud! For the bride who wants to go all out, we suggest this set.
Price: Rs 2,850. Buy it here.

7. For The Love Of Subtle Pinks!

7 bridal chooda This sweet colour is for the bride who chooses to wear a light pink ensemble for her day wedding. It’s such a dainty and decorative set - we’d give this a thumbs up! Price: Rs 4,005. Buy it here.

8. Mango For The Bride!

8 bridal chooda Another amazing colour that complements red and maroon is this set of mango coloured bangles. With an appropriate mix of red, white, and mango - this set is for the conventional bride who has her own style. Price: Rs 6,000. Buy it here.

9. Orange Obsession!

9 bridal chooda We all know women who are in love with the colour orange, and this set is for all those brides who just cannot have enough of this colour. This simple orange and white combination is set in a nice pattern and is one that makes ditching red a good option. Price: Rs 4,800. Buy it here.

10. Pretty Pinks!

10 bridal chooda Another shade of pink, that is a bit deeper. This symmetrical set of dark pink bangles is non-fussy, neat and stunning. Wear this with your rani pink shaadi lehenga for the best feel.
Price: Rs 3,600. Buy it here.

11. Multi-Hued Magic!

11 bridal chooda Talk about being hatke! This combination of a blue and pink chooda isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s for a woman who has an eccentric style of dressing and loves to experiment, even on her wedding day! Price: Rs 4,500. Buy it here.  

12. Firozi Charm

12 bridal chooda This turquoise/ cobalt blue chooda along with the golden yellow bangles and a slight hint of red is one distinctive set. If you are opting to wear an offbeat coloured outfit, this will look outstanding! Price: Rs 2,691. Buy it here.    

13. Glorious Green!

13 bridal chooda Another set of green bangles with customisable name options, this set is for the bride who likes to keep things minimal yet make the first impression last. This coloured chooda will go well with pinks, reds and ivory. Price: Rs 3,999. Buy it here.

14. Studded Shine!

14 bridal chooda Another charming white coloured chooda for the bride who does not want to wear red. It’s got the right mix of red, ivory and white stones and thus is bridal enough, yet as per your wish. You wouldn’t mind wearing this for a year now, would you? Price: Rs 4,400. Buy it here. Which one do you like the best? Featured Image: Shutterstock
Published on Sep 8, 2016
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