10 Super Pretty Mehendi Designs For The Not-So-Traditional Bride

10 Super Pretty Mehendi Designs For The Not-So-Traditional Bride
Dulha-dulhan motifs are an all-time favourite pattern when it comes to bridal mehendi. And there’s no denying that they look extremely pretty. In fact, we recently did a post on the prettiest mehendi designs and most of them featured intricate work and wedding rituals drawn on the hands. And today, we’ve found another 10 stunning designs, but with a modern twist! If you’re looking for something that’s more than just the regular and looks edgy and modern… Here it is!

1. Just a little something

1 bridal mehendi Image: Artfoto Studios on Instagram Instead of an OTT design, opt for something elegant and subtle. We adore the cute little flowers that give the mehendi a more modern look as compared to intricate leafy branches or lotus motifs.  

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2. Birdie love!

2 bridal mehendi Image: Morvi Images on Instagram Just the prettiest design we’ve seen in awhile! The little birds add a refreshing new twist to the mehendi and look oh-so-charming. Also, the overall look is kept uncluttered with lots of breathing space in between.

3. Couple portraits!

3 bridal mehendi Image: CoolBluez Photography This one really did manage to blow our minds! Just look at the artwork! The couple skipped the traditional mehendi and opted for a portrait instead. And we have to admit that the image looks almost identical!

4. Dancing away

4 bridal mehendi Image: 42fps Productions A bride and a groom, dressed in a gown and a formal suit, waltzing around on their special day. Now that’s how you give a modern twist to your bridal mehendi!  

5. Pretty peacock feet

5 bridal mehendi Image: Morvi Images If you love the traditional peacock motif just as much as we do, then here’s some inspiration. The beautiful design takes centrestage while the rest of the foot sees minimal work. So chic and just so elegant.

6. Roses are for love

6 bridal mehendi Image: Two Fireflies One Camera on Instagram So gorgeous! The mehendi features a nice big pretty rose with a jaali pattern to fill up the rest of the hand. Doesn’t it look absolutely lovely?

7. Criss n’ cross

7 bridal mehendi Image: Morvi Images on Instagram We are loving the criss-cross pattern mehendi that this bride chose. And even more interesting is how each finger and the back of her hand have been made to look different from each other while the pattern remains the same.

8. Go in for a jaal

8 bridal mehendi Image: Morvi Images on Instagram Call it a jaali pattern or plain simple squares, the point is that it looks extremely attractive. Switch up those paisleys and intricate work for something as elegant as this.

9. Back to basics

9 bridal mehendi Image: Anupa Shah Photography on Instagram Want to keep it light and nice? Go back to the basics with a simple artsy design. Leave out the intricate and elaborate work and take a clue from this bride on doing it right!

10. Something artistic

10 bridal mehendi Image: Fotowalle on Instagram We really don’t know how to put this one across… Simply because it’s just so unique. Not the typical traditional designs that we are used to seeing, this one’s perfect for the bride looking for something different. Plus that haathphool… So stunning!