Getting Married Soon? 10 ‘One Last Time’ Things To Do Before!

Getting Married Soon? 10 ‘One Last Time’ Things To Do Before!
When it’s finally time to get married and everything is fixed and scheduled, our emotional roller coaster ride begins. We go from “Yayyyy! Wohoooo!” to “Awww.. I am gonna have to leave my house, I am gonna miss everyone so much!”, real fast! So here are a few things that you should do one last time, before you get married.

1. Pull an all nighter with your besties!

You deserve to have one last blast as a single woman and who better to giggle away to glory with you, than your besties!

1 things to do before you get married

2. Go on one more date with him - before he becomes your husband!

Well, he is going to be your husband soon… And it won’t be the same ever again! So grab the moment and go out on a date to a place you both love or even better - the place you had your first date.

3. Spend a whole day with your siblings!

You and your siblings have a truckload of memories and secrets that you have shared over the years! So before you pack up and kinda leave...get up and get going with all the bhaiyas and didis, revisit some old pranks and maybe some new ones too!  

3 things to do before you get married

4. Have a movie night with your family!

Remember that time when you and your parents used to have a common TV time? Bring it back! Watch something you all love, doesn’t matter if it’s Hum Saath Saath Hain or Tom and Jerry.

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5. Have a “mom and me” day!

Take her out for a lunch or go shopping with her, a fancy place she has been wanting to go to or that place where you “always” go. Trouble her a bit, drag her to your favourite stores... Just like when you were little! 

5 things to do before you get married 1

6. Go for a ladies night and get *really* drunk!

It’s not like you can’t drink after you get married…but you may not get a chance to get wasted the way you could when you were single! So keep the shots coming!

7. Pay all your addas a visit!

Through school and college, you might have had your own lil hideouts or addas where you loved to hang out or eat. Go ahead, pay them all a visit and make that one more similar memory before married life.

7 things to do before you get married 2

8. One last solo trip!

Because soon your life will be full of romantic couple's holidays and honeymoon suites! So grab that one last time to stay in hostels and making new travel buddies!

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9. A photo shoot with your girl gang!

With a professional photographer or a selfie stick, you need that one whole day of dressing up, doing makeup and clicking a zillion funny photos that'll never see the light of social media!

9 things to do before you get married 1

10. Make that one last diary entry - as a single girl!

Take a picture of it, scan it, frame it and keep it forever - it's a major milestone you'll want to look back at!

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