6 Hair Removal Mistakes You Could Be Making (Stop Now!)

6 Hair Removal Mistakes You Could Be Making (Stop Now!)
Unwanted body hair is something that we ALL hate. We try every removal method there is, but shaving tends to be our go-to method. It’s easy, painless, free from chemicals and we don’t have to wait till our underarms looks like the Amazonian forest in order to shave!

Common Mistakes You Might Be Doing

Even though you may consider yourself a pro at shaving, here are 6 mistakes you might be making while tackling unwanted body hair.

1. Not Exfoliating Before Shaving

Never start off your shower with a shave! What does this mean? Well, when you go in to have a bath, let shaving be the last thing you do before stepping out. Exfoliating is a very critical precursor to shaving. It helps get rid of dead skin cells, so that they won’t hinder the shaving process by choking your razor. Also, warm water softens the hair and opens up the hair follicles, making shaving the hair easier. Tougher, non-hydrated hair is a lot more cumbersome to shave. Buy yourself a good pair of bath gloves and go about exfoliating your skin in gentle circular motions. If you don’t have a pair handy, pumice stone works well, too – but remember to be very gentle so as to not land up grazing the skin.

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2. Not Paying Attention To Lubrication

One of the most important aspects of shaving unwanted hair is to create a layer between your skin and the razor. Lubrication is vital for a smooth shave. Many of us tend to do away with this step because we are in a hurry. Use a good quality shaving gel to enable your razor to glide smoothly over your skin. Steer clear of soap as an alternative because it contains more air than moisture and thus doesn’t lubricate the skin enough for a smooth shave.  Allow the shaving gel to soften your skin for about five minutes before you begin shaving.

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3. Opting For Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal creams are another alternative for getting rid of unwanted hair but they could be more harmful than helpful. Certain brands consist of a lot of chemicals which could cause a series of problems like skin irritation and allergic reactions. And not to mention, some of them smell so awful! 

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4. Shaving In All Directions

If you shave against the direction of hair growth, you get a smoother shave but it might lead to razor burns and ingrown hair. So, most experts advise people to shave in the direction of hair growth. This should be especially followed while shaving your limbs. But for underarms, you can shave in two directions (up and down) as the hair growth there is quite erratic.

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5. Using a Dull/Old Razor

It’s very important to have a fresh razor when shaving. Using a dull razor can cause uneven hair removal, leading to bumpy skin. Each use-and-throw razor lasts for at least four shaving sessions. Using a Gillette Venus razor is most convenient as the aloe-vera strip above its blade acts as an indicator of when it’s time to replace it.

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6. Forgetting To Moisturise

After each shaving session, it’s vital that you moisturise your skin. Use alcohol-free lotions over regions you’ve shaved, except underarms and your bikini region as these areas are too sensitive after shaving, even for the mildest lotions.

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