Goodbye, Fuzz! 7 Things To Do Today To Fight Unwanted Hair

Goodbye, Fuzz! 7 Things To Do Today To Fight Unwanted Hair
Ladies, let’s face it - a lot of us have fuzz growing in places we’d rather not mention! Whether it’s on your face or on your body, most women have to periodically deal with one or another annoying hair problem. Of course, laser treatments and epilating can help get rid of it, but they’re expensive and painful. Instead, we tell you some simple and inexpensive ways to reduce unwanted hair removal. With a little patience, you’ll be kissing those hairy problems goodbye forever!

1. Gram Flour Works Wonders

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Gram flour (besan) should be the first thing to try for unwanted hair removal. Mix it with a tablespoon of curd and add a pinch of turmeric (haldi) to the paste and rub it on to your body/face for about 10 minutes. Do this often and you will definitely see the results, which will include softer, smoother skin. 

2. Eat Lots Of Soy

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Androgen is the male hormone that encourages hair growth. Soy, on the other hand, is loaded with oestrogen, the female hormone, which balances out the hormonal levels in our body. Incorporate soy products in your diet every day to increase your levels of oestrogen, which will discourage hair growth over time.

3. Hey, Sugar!

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Sugar, when mixed with lemon juice, makes an excellent mixture to remove unwanted hair. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice to half a cup of water and apply the mix to your skin in the direction of the hair growth. Wash it off after 15 minutes. Sugar is an excellent exfoliating agent and lime juice helps lighten the colour of the hair. Together, they can slowly help get rid of that irritating hair growth, leaving you with a brighter complexion!

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4. Spearmint Tea, Please!

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Stop body hair growth with spearmint tea! The tea decreases those hair-causing male hormones in women. You can buy spearmint tea or make it with fresh spearmint leaves. Drink 1 cup every day for a few weeks to balance out those hormones, and see the results. Plus, it’s pretty yummy

5. Papaya Party

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Papaya is an amazing remedy to stop body hair growth, since its enzymes can break down hair follicles and prevent hair growth. It’s also soothing for sensitive skin. Just grind papaya pieces to make a paste and add a pinch of turmeric powder to it. Massage it onto the area for 15 minutes and wash it off. Try this once or twice a week for amazing results! 

6. Take A Pumice Stone To The Shower

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Gently rub a wet pumice stone on the area in a circular motion in the shower. This will help loosen the follicles, making it easy for the hair to come out. Try this regularly, but make sure not to rub too hard or you can cause irritation. Don’t forget to moisturize right after!

7. Make A Banana Scrub

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Banana is an amazing ingredient for your skin, especially for dry skin. It leaves the skin feeling supple and soft. Mixing it with a natural cleanser like oatmeal makes for a fabulous hair-removal concoction. Mash a ripe banana and mix it with a tablespoon of oatmeal and apply the paste in a circular motion for 15 minutes before washing off. Do this consistently to see a difference!

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