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10 Date Ideas Perfect For The Shy, Arranged Marriage Couple!

10 Date Ideas Perfect For The Shy, Arranged Marriage Couple!
Got into an arranged marriage recently? You might find it difficult to open up to your significant other, especially if you are an introvert. And if he is the shy types too, well, that only makes it more challenging. Of course, there are the usual dinner party invites to relative's houses, but what if you both want to head out for some alone time to bond and get to know each other better? Here’s some help from us on some.

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1. Go for walks

Sounds lame? Well, not entirely, and certainly not if the walk also entails exploring a new place together. Historic or walking tours in the city will not only help you learn more about the city you live in, but also about each other. You'll get to know each other’s likes and dislikes and the things you both have in common. Works?

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2. Drive on

Nothing beats the fun of getting behind the wheel and zipping along on a long, smooth road. Stop by for some chai and dhaba food, perhaps. And if the weather is breezy and rainy, it’s a win-win!

3. Plan a picnic

Go all out with a picnic basket containing sandwiches, fruits, muffins, etc. You’ll realise it’s so much more fun than heading out to a restaurant together. The fresh air will only add to the fun vibe.

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4. Take the train

Sometimes, driving can be so frustrating, given the traffic situation these days. One weekend, just take the train out to the next city, explore it and take the evening train back home. The romance in sitting together on a chugging train will take care of the rest!

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5. Go boating

Now, this will sound like a scene right out of a Bollywood film, but trust us, rowing is super fun, especially if it is done on a quaint lake with your hubby dear. You might even feel like you’re in beautiful Kashmir, sans the houseboats and tulip gardens though. ;-)

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6. Flea Market

You might be heading out for shopping with your partner to a mall or the local market, but try a flea market shopping spree together next time. The whole vibe is so different - think live music, cooking demos, yummy gelatos, artsy stuff and plenty of shopping!

7. Do volunteer work together

This is going to sound awkward as a date, but really, watch your love grow as you both read a book to the old or teach a slum kid to write or just feed the poor. Compassion brings out a sense of gratitude in couples and that’s a must.

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8. Double date

Sometimes, to get over the awkwardness, it’s best to go out with another friend-couple. That way, you will slowly shed your inhibitions and open up with your partner. Besides, you get to catch up with friends too!

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9. Play a game

Have a weeknight dedicated to this. It could be a board game (preferably) or a videogame. The ebb and flow of winning and losing or the twist and turns in the game will make you really comfortable with each other.

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10. Take a hike

Even if you are not the hiking and sporty kind. Get out, anyway. It could be a small local trek – an easy one to begin with. Imagine climbing a mountain and then admiring that gorgeous view together - it’s worth every bit of effort and sweat, ladies. Oh, and did I mention the hand holding?

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