Dear Dad, Thank You For Teaching Me These 13 Things!

Dear Dad, Thank You For Teaching Me These 13 Things!
A father is every daughter’s first love. She always knows how to get her way with him, she is his weakness and he can never see her upset. From the first toy to the first pocket money, daddy is the one behind it. As a girl grows up, men come and go away from her life, but the one man who will always be there for her is her father! A daughter learns a lot from her father. Here are a few things that every daddy’s little princess learns from her father which make her a strong and independent woman.

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1. Be brave

Remember the time you were scared of swimming but he took you inside the water with him so that you could get over your fear? He taught you to ride your bicycle and also taught you that a scratch on your knee was not the end of the world. A father always wants his daughter to be brave so he pushes you to your limit and challenges you. He makes sure you get over all your fears and that you are not scared of anything in life.

1 things daughters learn from their fathers

2. Make your decisions

Your father has taught you to always follow your heart and make your own decisions. He has guided you on what is right and wrong but has always left the final call on you. Today, if you are able to take a stand and make a decision, it is because he has supported you always.

3. Importance of money

Every father teaches his daughter the value of saving money. There are times when he pampers you the most but there are also times, he makes sure he says "no" to some of your wishes only for you to realise the value and importance of money.

3 things daughters learn from their fathers

4. Hard work

Nothing comes free in life; one has to always work hard to achieve their goals and dreams. You have seen your father work hard all his life and reach where he is today. From him, you have learnt the importance of hard work. Each time things were not working out in your favor, he encouraged you to work harder towards it.

5. Stay patient

You have annoyed him ever since you were a baby. Everybody in the house goes to him with all their complaints and problems and he patiently hears everyone out. He never loses his cool and after hearing everyone out, comes up with a solution. From him, you have also learnt patience.

5 things daughters learn from their fathers

6. Balance in life

Your father has never stopped you from enjoying yourself but he has always taught you the importance of balancing things. From him, you have learnt how to balance out your personal and professional life and never combine them both. He has never ignored or neglected his personal life, nor his professional duties and responsibilities. No matter how tired he was when he came back home from work, if you insisted to go for an ice-cream run, he always agreed.

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7. Numbers and algebra

If it wasn’t for him, you would have never been able to do algebra! If it wasn’t for him, you would never know how your bank account functions. And, the little knowledge you have about finance and the stock market, you owe it all to him!

7 things daughters learn from their fathers

8. Never take anything for granted

Your dad has experienced everything in life; he has lived through love and loss. He has taught you to never take anyone/anything for granted and taught you the value of everything you have.

9. To forgive and forget

You have been mean to him and said things to him you should never have. You have hurt him with your words but he has never held on to any grudges and has always forgiven you. From him, you have learnt the importance of forgiveness and how to always forgive and forget.

9 things daughters learn from their fathers

10. Chivalry

Today, if you have high standards of how you should be treated, it is only because your dad had set an amazing example of how a man should treat a woman. And thanks to daddy, you have appropriately high standards of the husband you want!

11. Family first

While our mothers were looking after us, our dads were looking after both our mother and us. He has always put himself second and put the family first. From him, we have learnt how to always put the family first and take care of their needs and wishes.

11 things daughters learn from their fathers

12. Never break down

No matter what, you have never seen your dad breaking down. He always holds on to his emotions and works out a solution to the problem. From him, you have tried to learn how to manage situations and not succumb to pressure and break down under pressure.

13. Daddy’s little princess

Your dad has never made you feel too old to call him daddy and go up to him with all your problems. You can’t thank him enough for all the unconditional love and support he has always given you. No matter how old you are, you will always be “daddy’s little princess”