6 Quick Fixes To Turn A Bad Hair Day Into A FAB Hair Day!

6 Quick Fixes To Turn A Bad Hair Day Into A FAB Hair Day!
First day of college, a job interview, or even a hot date with the cutie who lives next door - a bad hair day can ruin it all. A bad hair day is like a girl’s worst nightmare and mostly happens when there’s an important event coming up! We at POPxo have got your back though. Here are a few simple hacks to tame that untameable head of hair or oily lifeless hair day… all tried and tested by me!

1. Bun it up!

1.tie in a bun to fix bad hair day

It works for me all the time. Tie your hair in a messy bun. It always gives you a too-cool-for-school look. Swirl it, twirl it around and tie it up as high as possible and you’re good to face the world outside.

2.  Go the Bohemian way!

ezgif.com-resize fix a bad hair day

Don't we always pep up our simple outfits with amazing accessories? Why not do the same with our hair? Give your hairstyle a boost with some hair accessories. Try wearing colourful or floral head gears or hair bands that take the attention away from your out-of-control mane.

3. Use talcum powder

3.talcum powder fix a bad hair day

To get rid of the excessive oil secreted by your hair follicles, use a talcum powder. Simply take some powder in your hands and run your fingers through your hair to get rid of the extra oil. Don’t forget to wipe off the extra white, or it might cause you to look twice your age! 

4. Wear a cap

4.cap fix a bad hair day

The best way to hide frizzy hair, oily hair, fly-aways or even lifeless hair is to cover it. Wear a cute cap that covers it up and also compliments your outfit. What’s more? Caps are so totally in this summer and add a great deal of chutzpah to your look.

5. Change the way your hair parts

fix a bad hair day

Changing your hair’s natural parting can give your mane an instant boost. Simply flip it to the opposite side and comb through and you’ll instantly see your look change. Doing this also adds bounce since all your hair is flipped against the natural fall of your mane. It also adds the illusion of more volume.

6. Tease your roots

6.tease roots fix a bad hair day

A bad hair day can sometimes be an advantage. Here is a little hack - try back combing your hair from the roots. The back combing gives your hair a lift and adds heaps of volume!

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fix a bad hair day

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