Casual & Pretty: How To Perfect The Messy Bun In Just 2 Minutes

Casual & Pretty: How To Perfect The Messy Bun In Just 2 Minutes
Hey Girls !! Love messy buns? We do too! Although, by the sound of it they probably shouldn’t be hard to make, but they demand a good deal of time and effort, don’t they? And using the same old tricks that give you the same conventional look every time is just so boring! So, let’s jazz our old favorite messy bun a little!

Popxo’s Cherry is going to show you how to get that perfect messy bun in just 2 mins! (Not to forget the added perk- tip for faking bangs)

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Get ready to race with your stopwatch now!!

Watch the video here!
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Follow these steps to get that perfect messy bun!

Step 1: Take the front section of your hair and pin it up at the top.

Step 2: Bring the pinned section in the front to give a shape of faux fringe! Say Hello to fake bangs!!

Step 3: Take all the left over hair in a high pony tail.

Step 4: Twirl the pony tail around to form the bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Step 5: Put on a hair band to hide the front pinned section. Yes, you look cute! :D

TA-DA! It’s done!!

And what does your stopwatch say? You won!

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