Love glowing skin? These easy tips are perfect for you!

Love glowing skin? These easy tips are perfect for you!
Ladies, we’re all guilty of splurging huge amounts of money to get closer to the skin we’ve always dreamt of. But there are so many simple things we can do for a flawless complexion that are relatively free. Read on for some life-changing tips for glowing skin that are so easy and actually work. The best part is, they won’t cost you a penny!

1. Wake Up Your Face With A Massage

A facial massage will get the blood pumping and will help reduce puffiness and wake up your skin. Just spend a few minutes gently massaging your face in the AM, before heading out or before putting on your makeup. It really will help for  glowing skin and hide tiredness. 

2. Are You Using A Toner?

2 tips for glowing skin

Aside from cleansing and moisturizing daily, toning is an essential step for  glowing skin. A toner will minimize the appearance of pores; keep oiliness in check (which will reduce breakouts), repair and hydrate the skin and refresh it. Rose water makes an excellent toner. Use it after cleansing. 

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3. Ice, Ice, Baby!

An ice facial is a no-frills at-home technique to instantly brighten your complexion and get rid of any signs of tiredness and dullness. Submerge your face in a small tub of ice (you can also add cucumber slices if you like) for a few minutes. It will give you  glowing skin, making it look younger, and bring a healthy glow. Try it as often as you like. 

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4. All About The Fluids

4 tips for glowing skin

We know, we know - you’re tired of hearing us rant about drinking water, but we only say it to help make you more beautiful. It’s important to stay hydrated from the inside out to get that lit-up from within radiance and get super  glowing skin. Sip on H2O throughout the day. Downing fresh juices and coconut water regularly will also help. Plus, it’s a great way to stay refreshed in this horrible heat. 

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5. Have Sex!

Yes, we’re serious. It gets your blood pumping and the oxytocins released (those happy hormones) will bring a gorgeous glow to your skin. Surprisingly, sex is a great way to prevent acne, brighten your complexion and fight signs of ageing. Not that you needed an excuse, but having lots of sex can really give you  a glowing skin, so what are you waiting for? 

6. Super Skin Needs Superfoods

6 tips for glowing skin

You’ve heard the saying that what you eat appears on your face. So give those fries a skip on gorge on some nuts and berries instead. They’re rich in antioxidants, which are great for healthy skin as are green tea, avocados, beetroot and fish. Incorporate as many fresh fruits and veggies in your diet as you can to help flush your body of toxins and stay away from refined foods and sugar. Also, dropping excess dairy such as cheese from your diet can help. 

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7.  Get Off Your Butt

Exercising and sweating it out is another natural and amazing way to get  glowing skin. Working out regularly, even if it’s a fun dance class, improves circulation and also releases those glow-inducing hormones. Yoga can really work wonders and is such a healthy way to stay fit, clear up your skin and make it look young and radiant. Otherwise, simply doing 30 jumping jacks or an intense dance session around your room can help too. ;) 

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