14 Simple Tips For Gorgeous Skin In Your 20s (And Forever!)

14 Simple Tips For Gorgeous Skin In Your 20s (And Forever!)
They say your skin is at its prime when you’re in your twenties, but all those late nights out with your friends and the stress of a demanding job could take its toll. Of course, wrinkles are a thought too far into the future to worry about, but how you look after your skin now could affect the way it looks later. We give you the must know skincare tips for every twenty something. Follow these religiously to look like you’re in your twenties well into your forties. Trust us, it’s possible.

1. Good Genes Can Only Do So Much

Even if you are blessed with great skin, your lifestyle can play a huge role in how good it looks. Smoking, drinking and being lazy about applying sunblock will age it and make it appear duller.

2. Clean Up

Skincare in your twenties

Of course we’re sure you cleanse your face daily, but washing your face at night is an absolute must you can’t compromise on. No matter how tired you are or how much you’ve had to drink, get up and cleanse your face to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and oil from the day. If you don’t, it will cause zits and premature lines.

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3. Keep Your Eyes Young

It’s smart to start early when it comes to looking after the delicate skin around your eyes. Start using an eye cream with SPF to protect the thin skin in the area and to fight wrinkles. Also, don’t forget to take off your kajal at night and slide on your sunnies when travelling to prevent lines caused by squinting in the sun.

4. Tweak Your C-T-M Routine

Skincare in your twenties

Of course the cleanse, tone and moisturize routine is the Holy Grail for healthy skin. But if you want, along with toner, you can treat your skin with a healthy antioxidant serum to keep it looking super fresh, followed by moisturizing religiously.

5. For Soft, Radiant Skin

Exfoliating your skin is an absolute must. Everyone knows that, but how often do you really do it? Exfoliate twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells that are making your skin appear dull and watch it get smoother and softer.

6. Face Wipes Are Your Best Friend

Skincare in your twenties

Having face wipes around is a great way to refresh your skin and mop up oil, sweat and even makeup in a jiffy. Neutrogena Makeup Wipes (Rs 765) are amazing for wiping away all your makeup and leaving your skin clean without having to actually wash your face (perfect for those drunken nights!).

7. Antioxidants Are Always A Good Idea

Antioxidants are amazing at any age, so why not start young? Sipping on green tea, which is a fantastic source of antioxidants, will help fight free radicals to prevent wrinkles later on. Other great sources of antioxidants are nuts, blueberries, strawberries, fish and green veggies.

8. Avoid The Sun

Skincare in your twenties

Even if you have slathered on your SPF, try and limit your sun exposure. The sun robs your skin of its youth and accelerates the ageing process, while increasing your risk of skin cancer. It’s best to minimize your fun in the sun and save it all up for your beach vacays.

9. Don’t Forget About Your Neck and Hands

Did you know the skin on your neck and hands are big giveaways about your age? It doesn’t matter how young your face looks if the skin on your neck and hands is saggy and wrinkled. It’s important to follow the same routine as you do for your face on your neck and hands as well. Remember, these areas along with your face are the most exposed to the sun.

10. Don’t Ignore Acne

Skincare in your twenties

If you’re still dealing with acne and zits well into your twenties, the smartest thing to do is see a dermat. It’s probably caused due to hormonal or other factors and needs to be professionally treated to avoid scarring.

11. Get Off Your Butt

Your metabolism is never going to be as quick as it is at this age - and even if you still can eat anything you like without having to worry about your waistline, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to exercise. Staying active will help you stay fit always, keep a lot of health problems at bay, as well as doing wonders for your skin. Sweating it out increases your blood circulation, which is the best way to bring that much-desired glow to your skin.

12. Prevent Lines

Skincare in your twenties

All your muscle movements will lead to lines. Smiling gives you smile lines, frowning gives you frown lines. Obviously, you can’t really turn into an expressionless zombie, but do your bit to prevent wrinkles. Keep your skin hydrated always and make sure not to smoke. Pursing your lips when you smoke and even drink from a straw will give you lines around your mouth.

13. Go Easy On The Makeup

Covering up blemishes, going all out with smoky eyes, contouring, strobing and what not – we’re all a little obsessed with makeup. But it’s important to give your skin a break. Don’t apply too much, always remember to take it off or it will clog your pores, and remember to let your skin breathe. No makeup days a few times a week will go a long way in keeping your skin healthy.

14. Reflect On Your Lifestyle

Skincare in your twenties

Watch what you eat. Too much junk and greasy food will increase oil production and cause breakouts. Coconut water and fresh juices should replace those fizzy drinks and cups of coffee. Late nights and too much booze will take its toll on your complexion. Be meticulous in your skincare routine but don’t overdo it either. Make sure the products you use are lightweight, not too heavy and well suited for your skin type.

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