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6 New Kaleera Styles That We Just Can’t Get Enough Of!

6 New Kaleera Styles That We Just Can’t Get Enough Of!
Wearing kaleeras is no longer just a tradition, it’s a trend! It’s a bridal accessory that most brides love wearing! And kaleeras now are not just limited to the traditional gold ones. There's colour, there’s style, there’s funk and there is a whole lot of 'wow'! Check out these real brides with the prettiest kaleera styles we love!

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1. Need a chair?!

kaleera kaleera styles we love We have to give it to this bride for that baby pink chura and customised Mrinalini Chandra ‘please have a seat’ kaleeras. It’s so edgy and fun! Image: The Cage Story on Instagram

2. Flowers for your hands

kaleera styles we love We love the gorgeous mix of pink and blue flowers, pretty little ghungroos and white beads. Perfect for the summer bride who loves a dash of colour. Image: Simoz12 on Instagram

3. The elaborate slip-ons

kaleera styles we love It’s just so much nicer when you can slip on your kaleeras like bangles. This elaborate style with delicate beaded strings is prettiness at another level! Find them here! Image: Rabaata By Rahul on Instagram

4. The bright blue tassels

kaleera styles we love We are totally crushing on tassel earrings this season, but kaleeras with tassels was not something we’d thought of! Add a little colour or just that extra spark to your bridal look with tassel kaleeras! Your local jewellery vendor can totally help you achieve this look. Image: Wedeilicious on Instagram

5. A rose for love

kaleera styles we love I love this! The delicate, pink rose details look ‘oh so charming’. Typical traditional kaleeras get a princessy makeover with these pretty pink roses. You can actually do this yourself too! Image: The Cage Story on Instagram BannerYellow 500px

6. Tiny little embellishments

kaleera styles we love We are not fans of highly embellished kaleeras, but hints of silver and red crystals really do make this pair look elegant. The little ghungroos are a perfect add on! Image: Simoz12 on Instagram HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: Stunning Designer Jewellery Pieces Every Girl Can Afford! MUST-READ: Beautiful Jewellery To Take You Through Every Day & Occasion!