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Get Hairless Underarms… By MICROWAVING Them!!

Get Hairless Underarms… By MICROWAVING Them!!

Yes, it’s true, microwaving your armpits is now a legit technique for getting rid of hair and sweat! But before you run to your kitchen microwave to try it, you may want to read this first. microwaving your armpits MiraDry by Miramar Labs has become the first FDA approved, one of a kind technology to give you ultra smooth and soft underarms. You can now kiss your armpit problems goodbye! It uses precisely controlled microwave energy to target and reduce underarm sweat and hair permanently. Unlike other laser treatments, this one works equally well on skin of all colours and gives results on all types of hair, not just dark and coarse hair.  
The treatment is known as MiraSmooth and is taking America by storm. How exactly does this procedure work? To begin, temporary lines are drawn on your skin to help guide the machine. Local anesthesia is used to minimize pain before the MiraSmooth device is used to microwave away those pesky hairs. The whole process takes about an hour (per sitting) and you’re well on your way to smooth, sweat-free underarms. POPxo In-Story Download Banner It may sound pretty cool, but we’re pretty sure the question on everybody’s lips is just how safe is it to zap your sweat glands? It is pretty effective, with patients having noticed about 70% reduction in underarm hair. With the FDA stamp of approval, it is the only technology till date to have been cleared for the treatment of underarm hair of all colours and the permanent reduction of underarm sweat. With no long-term data out as yet, we guess we’re going to have to wait and watch before we throw out our razors for good. microwaving your armpits Images: Shutterstock MUST READ: WTF Is Rough Drying?! Should You Be Trying It? MUST READ: Get Flawless Skin… By BAKING Your Makeup!!
Published on Dec 2, 2015
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