#HeSays: 11 Compliments Your Guy Secretly Wants From You!

#HeSays: 11 Compliments Your Guy Secretly Wants From You!
Ladies, here’s a little secret: us guys love compliments too! Flattery is a great way to our hearts, yes. Even though when you say nice things to us, we don’t always respond as graciously as you would like - trust us, it’s only because we’re feeling a little embarrassed! Here are 11 compliments men like to hear - just keep it genuine, and say it only if you mean it!

1. “Thank you, baby. It means a lot. You’re the best!”

Times when we plan something nice for you, however small a gesture it may seem, tell us that you like it. It just makes all our efforts feel worth it. Plus, we’ll make sure the good times and romantic moments keep rolling in!

2. “You make me a better person!”

If you say this to us, we KNOW we have a special place in your life. Nothing makes us feel more proud, and it genuinely pushes us to be our best selves too.

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3. “I am so proud of you. Congratulations, you deserved the raise!”

Tell us how you have faith in us and believe in our capabilities. Your support makes us only wanna do better.

4. “Oh, I like what you’ve done with your beard!”

We like to experiment, okay? So sometimes we might do stuff that looks dramatically different from what you expected - but a little support doesn’t go amiss!

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5. “You’re so great at cricket/ football/ table tennis/ whatever sport you’re playing!”

Please be our biggest cheerleader, ‘coz watching you cheer us on, is all the mad energy we need to put in our best in the game. Trust us, we’ll play like you’re the only audience watching.

6. “That thing you did - it turned me on so much!”

Ladies - first of all, this will turn us on so much! And secondly, we absolutely love to hear that we have super-powers in the bedroom. Tell us when we’ve been good, and we promise we’ll never give you a chance to complain!

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7. “I feel so safe around you.”

Yup, you ladies occasionally playing the damsel in distress does not come across as needy - it tells us that you value our support. Plus, we love every chance of getting to be your hero!

8. “You always know how to make me smile!”

Oh, every man WANTS to know that he can crack his girl up, and tickle her funny bone. Not just that, we want to be the funniest guy in your life. Give us that then, and we’ll make sure to keep you happy always.

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9. “You’re so strong!”

With women it’s their curves, with men it’s their muscles - so, yes we love hearing how strong we are. Gives our ego and machoism a kick. And we’ll only be too ready to climb those stairs and help you with all the cleaning!

10. “You are my go-to person, you just have the best advice for me!”

We want to know that our opinion matters to you, and that you think of us as smart enough to come up with the best solutions. We want to be the guys you turn to when you need help!

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11. “My friends LOVE hanging out with you!”

Oh this one will make our day. To know that your guy friends think us cool, and your girl friends find us cute - just gives us the biggest kick in life. Makes us feel like we’re on top of the world.

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