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#SoMuchHair: 16 Struggles Of Having Thick Hair

#SoMuchHair: 16 Struggles Of Having Thick Hair

People are always commenting on how lucky you are to have a lush, thick mane. If only they knew how difficult it is to manage all that hair. Having a ton of hair requires serious work and effort. We give you the struggles only girls with thick hair can understand.

1. Your locks take an entire day to dry naturally. If you’ve showered in the morning, your strands will still be damp by nightfall.

Struggles Of Having Thick Hair

2. Perfect, high ponytails are a look you can never achieve. When you tie your hair up, the ponytail starts sagging almost immediately thanks to the weight of all that hair.

3. You leave so much hair behind in the drain after every shower, a normal person would go bald after losing that many strands but not you. Your mane still feels as thick as always.

Struggles Of Having Thick Hair

4. You have to take into consideration the 2 hours it takes to wash and straighten/blow dry your hair when making plans.

5. Straightening and styling your mane leads to painful cramps in your arms, but hey, at least they stay toned!

6. If you have an early morning, you wash and style your locks the night before. Otherwise, you’d have to wake up while it’s still dark thanks to how much time and effort it takes to tame your mane.

Struggles Of Having Thick Hair

7. Each and every hairdresser you’ve ever been to has never failed to comment on just how much hair you have and you know that even they secretly struggle to work their magic on it.

8. You absolutely cannot forget to pack your blow-dryer and flat iron when you travel, even if it is just for 2 days. Unless you want your locks to look like a lion’s mane.

Struggles Of Having Thick Hair

9. Hair-ties are either too tiny or too loose to hold all your hair just the way you like it.

10. You go through shampoos and conditioners at an alarming rate.

11. All those cute hairstyles and updos you see on the internet? Yeah, those were only made for girls with like, 10 strands on their head.

Struggles Of Having Thick Hair

12. Getting your hair coloured or even an ordinary trim takes so much more time than it does for other people.

13. You can never try a cute, short hairstyle, unless a triangle-shape is what you’re aiming for.

14. You laugh when people say to use a fine-tooth comb. You need a very large, very strong brush to get through your stubborn strands.

Struggles Of Having Thick Hair

15. You hair is always getting in the way or in your mouth, so you tie it up but all that weight can sometimes give you a headache.

16. You shed so much hair but there’s so much of it you never have to worry about less volume or ever going bald.

Struggles Of Having Thick Hair

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Published on Jan 6, 2015
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