#NY2015: 22 Hair Resolutions Every Woman Should Make! | POPxo

#NY2015: 22 Hair Resolutions Every Woman Should Make!

#NY2015: 22 Hair Resolutions Every Woman Should Make!

From wanting thicker, lusher locks to be more open to experimentation, we all have certain aspirations when it comes to our precious strands. Our gorgeous Style Council members tell us the resolutions you should be making when it comes to your crowning glory. You may want to follow these to get closer to those fantasies of having a swishy-swashy mane!

style council - hair resolutions

1. Pamper yourself.
Commit to weekly treatments.

2. Keep it natural/curly whenever you can.
I am forever running to the salon for blow-drys.

3. Learn to blow-dry your hair.
It seems super-tough, but a woman must!

Priyanka Gill, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, POPxo

4. Be gentle!
Avoid split ends by taking care to pat wet hair dry instead of rubbing the hair vigorously, always protect the hair before heat treatments like blow drying or straightening and tuck hair into a scarf when the wind blows!

 5. A little TLC
Regular oil treatments, head massages and periodic trims to keep it healthy. Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, has a high affinity for hair protein and easily penetrates inside the hair shaft due to its low molecular weight which makes it great for prewash and post-wash grooming (use it to oil your hair and as a mositurising serum) and an effective solution against hair loss, split ends and dry,  damaged hair.

6. Nourish from inside out
With natural supplements like HairLoc from Vitazymes and nourishing foods like eggs, avocado and spinach.

Annabel Treon, Strategy Consultant and Freelance Writer

Hair Resolutions

7. Don’t cut your hair unless you want to make a statement!
I’m trying to grow my hair...

8. Frequently oil and get spa treatments for your hair.
Mine’s super-dry at the moment.

9. Learn how to style your hair in different ways so.
That way, you never get stuck in a rut.

Anushka Menon, Beauty & Fashion Photographer

10. Be kind
Avoid heat on it as much as you can.

11. Keep your locks SPF-ready
Use hair sun-block when out.

12. Experiment!
Try a new style/cut/colour.

Apsara Oswal, Founder, MYthology Boutique

13. Go to a hairstylist who makes you feel good
And pushes your comfort boundaries to try something different than the normal blow-dry style.

14. Regular blow-drys
To feel groomed and fabulous.

15. Replenish hair with treatments
To avoid the dry, brittle look.

 - Farzana Baduel, Founder, Curzon PR

Hair Resolutions

16. Never be caught with dry, split ends
Make sure you keep up with a schedule of regular trims!

- Melanie Kannokada, Actor and Model

17. Weekly oiling with coconut oil.
For happy hair!

18. Be adventurous
Get that daring haircut you've always wanted to try.

Nadia Samdani, Art Connoisseur

19. Never leave home without dry shampoo.
Just don't. Trust me!  It’s such a great fix after a workout!

20. Keep a pack of hair-ties in your desk or purse.
That way, if you forget one before your afternoon workout, you don't have an excuse to skip!

Payal Kadakia, CEO & Co-Founder of ClassPass

Hair Resolutions

21. It is your crowning glory, so look after it.
From an old-fashioned champi to a professional hair spa, pamper yourself and your mane.

Sujata Assomull, Fashion Columnist

22. Deep conditioning/protein treatments at least twice a month.
Especially if you heat-style it often!

Zahraa Saifullah, CEO, Hello! Pakistan

Hair Resolutions

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