Byebye, Split Ends & Dullness! 11 AMAZING Hacks For Your Hair

Byebye, Split Ends & Dullness! 11 AMAZING Hacks For Your Hair
If you didn’t know these already, we don’t know how you’ve survived till now. Here are some fabulous hair hacks every girl should know by now to ensure her locks are more manageable, look amazing and to come to her rescue during a hair emergency. We hope you’re taking notes, these tips are about to change your life.

1. Use A Toothbrush To Tame Frizz

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A new toothbrush, of course. Spritz some hairspray on it and swipe it down your strands to tame those annoying, frizzy flyaways. It’s a great solution on an extra humid day.

2. Use Dry Shampoo Before Bed

If you’ve been too lazy to wash your hair and would rather snooze instead of getting up early to wash and style your mane, just spray your roots with dry shampoo before hitting the sack. This will ensure you wake up with hair that feels fresh and looks clean.

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3. A Little Mayo, Please!

You know that shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, right? That’s why you shouldn’t wash your hair every day. But when you do, one trick to try is to put a little mayo on your ends before getting into the shower. This stops the shampoo from drying out your already dry ends and prevents them from getting brittle and rough.

4. Make Your Curls Last Longer

easy hair hacks

Are you one of those girls whose hair never holds curls? You should try this the next time. When curling your hair with a curling iron (or even with a flat iron), begin wrapping your hair around the wand from the middle and not at the ends. This will help make those waves much more long-lasting.

5. Use The Cool Air Setting On Your Blow Dryer

When you spend ages blow-drying your hair for smoother strands, make sure it stays that way by flipping between cool and hot air. Once you’re done blow-drying a section, using your brush, blast it with cool air to seal your hair cuticles shut to ensure the style lasts long. If your hair is especially frizzy, this is definitely a trick to try.


6. Bye Bye, Dry Ends

If the ends of your hair are super dry, damaged and look scraggly, just dab on a bit of hair oil to the ends to make them look softer, smoother and healthy.

7. How Should You Hold A Curling Wand?

The way you hold your curling iron makes a huge difference to the type of curls you want. If you want tight, spiral curls then wrap a section around it and hold it vertically. If looser waves are what you’re aiming at then after wrapping your hair from the mid-length around the wand, hold it horizontally for a few seconds before letting it loose.

8. When To Use Which Brush

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You know there are plenty of brushes out there, but do you really know what each of them do? A big round brush is great for straightening; a smaller round brush is for curling your strands and adding volume; and a paddle brush is amazing for smoothing your hair and adding shine.

9. Curls For The Lazy Girl

If you want pretty waves in your hair but don’t have the patience to wrap all your strands around an iron, just try this method instead. Create four to six plaits in your hair (depending on how thick your hair is) and then use your flat iron on each braid. Slowly use your iron from the top of the braid down to the ends a few times before opening it up. Voila, you now have gorgeous waves.

10. Keep Bobby Pins In Place

Whether you’re trying a cool updo or want to twist and pin your bangs out of your face, you know that bobby pins have a super annoying knack for never staying in place. They’re always sliding off! One quick hack to make them stick and ensure they stay in place for hours is to spray them with hairspray or dry shampoo first and then slide them on. Even if your hair is super straight or silky, those suckers won’t budge.

11. Fake A Super Intricate-Looking Braid

easy hair hacks

Having a bad hair day or simply want to conceal dirty hair? Pull your hair back in this super pretty and simple braid. Create two pigtails at the back of your head and then stick them together using bobby pins. That’s it, you’ll be amazed at how intricate it looks. No one will know you spent less than a couple of minutes on it!

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