7 Types of Women Men Are Scared of Dating!

7 Types of Women Men Are Scared of Dating!

Ladies, contrary to popular belief, guys don’t always only want supermodel-esque women to date. You can stop killing yourself over that diet and sucking your tummy in for 5 hours straight every time you squeeze into that body-con dress. Most guys just want to date someone genuinely nice and normal. But sometimes they can be scared off by the little things we do every now and then. When we go just a little bit overboard with stuff - and, trust us, we all do these things. ;) These are the types of women men are scared of dating - make sure you don’t get trapped into wearing any of these labels, and you should have a smoother road to love!

1. The “Man Hater”

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If you’re someone who constantly talks about everything a man does as being fake and cheesy (and you’re the first to warn your girlfriends about trusting any man), then, girl, beware of being perceived as a man-hater. There are plenty of nice guys out there, and don’t let the horrible ones you’ve met colour your vision about everyone. We’ve all been hurt by one man (or more!) at some point or the other, but it’s unfair to categorize every member of the male sex as a total sleazeball. And you’re going to scare away some pretty nice guys if you come across as biased.

2. The “High-Maintenance” Girl

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Who doesn’t love to be pampered by her man, right? But constantly expecting him to take you to only the fanciest places in town and shower you with luxurious gifts is seriously wishful thinking. Always treating you like a princess is hard work for a boyfriend, so let’s cut the poor guy some slack!

3. The “Drama Mama”

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Are you someone for whom even the smallest of issues can escalate into a full-blown sobfest? Do you pick fights over anything from why he didn’t call you back in exactly 10 minutes like he promised to why he hasn’t said “I love you” at least 6 times today? We’ve all been drama mamas at some point in a relationship; but however hard it may be, we really need to stop overreacting to small things. Be more secure about his feelings for you. If he didn’t like you, he wouldn’t have been with you in the first place. (P.S.: Constant melodrama can kind of make your girlfriends want to stay away from you too.)

4. The “Material” Girl

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Ladies, who would say no to ending up with a guy who could afford to buy his own little island? No one. But you know that money can’t buy happiness, we know that too - so don’t let your man think that’s all you care about! Asking questions about a man’s finances is a big no-no, that’s why. If you’re looking to be wealthy, get a job that pays well. That’s best for your relationship - AND for your life!

5.  The “Must-Marry” Girl

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We know you want to settle down, but don’t turn everything into a race to the altar! Take your time to really get to know your man and see if things are going to work out in the long run. Don’t think about choosing a wedding date and becoming best friends with his mom until you’re sure that you’re both in the same emotional space. Instead of worrying too much about the future, be more involved in the present, enjoy what you have and let things take their natural course. (If you really think he’s the one, and are Photoshopping your face with his to see what your babies will look, do it in secret!)

6.  The “Mind Games Player”

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Us ladies like to bask in that sexy air of mystery, but sometimes we can get a little carried away and take it too far! Constantly keeping him guessing can be fun at first, but if he’s always unsure of what you’re thinking it can feel like you’re always testing his love for you, which can be very confusing for a guy - and annoying. Just imagine if a guy were doing that to you! He’s not a mind reader; if you want to say something then just be direct about it, he’ll appreciate it more.

7. The “Clingy” Girl

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Sure, we love to spend all our time with a guy we’re into, but we need to understand that both people in a relationship require space! It’s perfectly okay to be away from each other for a few nights in a week and allowing him to enjoy his boys’ night in peace - you want to enjoy your girls’ nights too, right? Personal space is essential in any healthy relationship. Trust your man and give him some breathing room. He will love you more for it. :)

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