#OneYearOfPOPxoWFH: Office Gossip & 6 Other Reasons We Can't Wait To Get Back To Work

#OneYearOfPOPxoWFH: Office Gossip & 6 Other Reasons We Can't Wait To Get Back To Work

We have been working from the comfort of our homes for almost a year now. Yep, time is definitely moving forward but our minds are still processing March 2020. That's when most of our offices announced a temporary WFH situation because of the ongoing pandemic. Well, here we are, almost 365 days later, wondering when the 'temporary' will come to an end. By the looks of it, we doubt that it is going to happen anytime soon.

And while WFH has its perks (think power naps and cute PJs), I miss going to the office. After all, it has been ages since I shared the new office gossip with my work wife. I am actually waiting to resume work from the office and if you are too, then here are a few thoughts you will find relatable FOSHO!

7 Things We Totally Miss About Office Life

Disclaimer: This list may give you an instant hit of nostalgia. If you start missing your office, I suggest you plan an impromptu video call meeting with your colleagues. 

Office Gossip Sesh>>Any Celebrity Gossip

You may know what's happening in fabulous lives of Bollywood celebrities. But does it satisfy your craving for office goss? No, right? What's better than know who's secretly dating whom at work? Admit it, you loved discussing every flimsy detail with your office buddy during chai breaks and now you barely know what they're upto. Sure, you can always ring them up but that's not the same as meeting them IRL, right?

Those Formals Are Begging To Be Worn

Confession: For the past year, I have been investing in one formal outfit every month. As a result, I have more than a dozen shirts, formal trousers, and pantsuits--with the price tag on! NGL, one of the major reasons why we need our offices to reopen is because those stunning work outfits deserve to be worn, not rest in our wardrobes.

Hey, What's For Lunch?

It does not matter whether you're in school or office, sharing lunch with your colleagues is a wholesome feeling that can never be replaced with anything else. Not only sharing meals, but I also miss deciding on the next snack we'd like to order together.

Honestly, that single task took hours and it was a lot more fun because you always ended up ordering the same meal all over again!

Dear HR, We Miss You

Okay, I admit it--I do miss all the HR activities. We might have tried to avoid them once upon a time ('cuz work), but we sincerely miss them now. We all need something to break the monotony of our work life and honestly, we cannot wait to perform another fun task assigned by HR.

Weekends Don't Feel Like Weekends Anymore

There was something about Friday nights that used to pump us up with adrenaline. At times, we even used to work a little extra on Friday nights so that we could enjoy our weekends at peace.

However, the feeling has kinda changed over the year. WFH culture has introduced us to the concept of chilling at our homes seven days a week. But honestly, we have relaxed more than we could have asked for in a lifetime and now we really want our fun weekends back!

Bring Those Office Parties Back

Forget about fun weekends, we need our office parties back! We loved chatting with our otherwise strict bosses over a few drinks and dancing with our colleagues till our feet were sore. Oh, those were the golden days!

Office Ke Baad Cafe Chalein?

Everyone knows that 'wanna go out after work?' is the code for 'let's go and vent out freely because the work has been killing us.' And, we miss those sessions! They actually brought us a lot of peace and the will to approach the next day at work with a clear head. Also, we miss our post-work office adda where we could sit, chill, and have some chai!

Missing your office? Well, it's time to video call your work buddies!

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