Comfy PJs, Workations & Power Naps: 7 Reasons We Don't Want Offices To Reopen, Like Ever!

Comfy PJs, Workations & Power Naps: 7 Reasons We Don't Want Offices To Reopen, Like Ever!

A few days ago, I came across a video of a woman named Harjas Sethi. She had received an official mail asking how she felt about returning to the office after working from home throughout the pandemic. Somewhere during her relatable rant, she said, "Meri ruh kaamp gayi hai (I am shaken to the very core)." And honestly, every time I think about my office reopening, I legit feel the same.

It has been almost a year since we all started working from home. NGL, initially it felt that balancing work and personal life from our homes would be quite a difficult task. But hey, here we are! Sitting in our cute PJs and attending different Zoom meetings while frequently taking trips to our kitchen. Feels perfect, right? Then WHY does it need to change?

What's the need to reopen offices, like ever? Almost all of us are perfectly happy with the ongoing WFH culture and quite comfortable (more than comfortable) at our homes. In fact, here are some more pointers to make you believe that WFH should be accepted as the new normal permanently.

7 Reason Why Offices Should Not Reopen Ever!

While the pandemic is still not over and the chances of offices reopening any time soon are quite uncertain, here are the reasons they shouldn't reopen... ever.

Jeans & Trousers? What's That?

Remember those well-fitted denim jeans? Yeah... they're resting in our wardrobe peacefully and we have no intention of bringing them back to use. In fact, we are quite happy in our cutesy PJs, thank you very much. Moreover, if actresses like Kiara Advani and Malaika Arora can ace stylish PJ looks, then why should we even complain?! We have absolutely no desire of wearing those formal trousers and jeans to office every day 'cus comfort is our new style mantra.

We Only Travel To Our Kitchens Now

The only travelling we do is from our beds to our desks and that takes 2 minutes at max. So, if you are saying that we need to get up every morning and commute for hours to reach our workplace, then nope, not happening! And honestly, it saves all of us a lot of time, energy and resources. 

Meet & Greet? Naah, Texts Are Fine!

No offence to anyone, but we like not meeting our colleagues on an every day basis. For the past one year, we have learned to communicate properly over texting and instant messaging. And if ever that's not enough, we have video call meetings to clear all doubts. And while we do miss our colleagues, this system definitely seems to be more productive and efficient!

Don't You Like The Glow On Our Faces?

For almost a year now, a lot of us have avoided travelling and going out unnecessarily. It means that we have stayed away from pollution and pampered our skin. From using DIY masks to experimenting with skincare regimes, we have taken a lot of care of our skin. So, try telling us again that why would we want to hamper our healthy glow?

We have said goodbye to our eyebags and dark circles, and NO, we don't even wanna think about getting them back again.

No Multitasking In The Office

Will it be appropriate for you to attend a meeting in your office from the washroom? No. Will it be appropriate for you to take a power nap after completing a task in the office? No. Will it be appropriate for you to eat on the work desk every few hours? No guarantees. But guess what? WFH culture allows you to do all of that. It does not hamper your work and gives you the peace of mind that you need. We see it as a win-win!

We Love Our Bank Accounts At The Moment

For the first time in many years, a lot of us are sharing a good bond with our bank accounts. Not going to lie but a lot of us are able to save money by working from home. We are travelling less, eating homemade food, making long-term investments, and avoiding unnecessary shopping splurge.

Work Hard & Play Hard

Here are some terms that are probably going to become quite popular in the upcoming years--workation, workoliday, and woliday. It means, that you are working while you are on a vacation. WFH culture makes it super easy for us to have a lifestyle that is good for our mental health and work life as well. And who wouldn't like to work from a beach in Goa or by the hills in Himachal?

TBH, given the ongoing pandemic, people are currently hesitant to return to offices. However, in the coming years, we would definitely want WFH culture to become a permanent part of our lifestyle with occasional visits to the office.

Here's hoping for a WFH-friendly future!

 Feature Image: Instagram