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These Hilarious Twitter Reactions To Virushka's Mumbai Reception Will Have You In Splits!

These Hilarious Twitter Reactions To Virushka's Mumbai Reception Will Have You In Splits!

Alas, we are officially done with the last leg of the stunning month-long spectacle that was the Virushka wedding, and to be honest, we are all a little bummed out. When Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma first tied the knot in Tuscany and broke the internet apart, little did we know how obsessed we'd be with the celebrity couple and their journey! From decoding Anushka's gorgeous bridal looks, to waiting with bated breath for all the aww-dorable pictures of Virushka completely smitten and in love, it actually feels like we were there, with them, on all of their auspicious ceremonies! 

But of course, we aren't done yet! To nurse our lingering Virushka hangover back to health, here is a round-up of some of the rib-tickling tweets of the celebrity wedding, from the hilarious netizens of Twitterverse, that made us chuckle out loud at how truly devoted we can get when the strong bonds of Bollywood and cricket come together in holy matrimony!

1. Well, it does come from being adored all over the country, you know

2. We won't even be surprised, to be honest!

3. Win-win situation, obviously!

4. Of course, the Aadhaar link-up tweets had to be trending, and how!

5. Oh, snap! *stands up and applauds*

6. Well played, Manyavar!

7. Let's call it a pre-wedding photo shoot, shall we?

8. Bat de do, paise le lo! Career ka sawaal hai, boss!

9. In case you're still wondering why we call them #RelationshipGoals

10. So, who REALLY won?

11. Even their honeymoon was nothing short of an ‘epic fantasy’. Geddit?

12. When it’s a missus like Anushka, we’d follow her any day!

Wishing you a happy married life, Virushka! We'll forever be your biggest fans! *heart eyes emoji for life*