Hold On, Virushka Are Staying In THIS Temporary House Before They Get Possession Of Their Love Nest!

Hold On, Virushka Are Staying In THIS Temporary House Before They Get Possession Of Their Love Nest!

We're still not over the Virushka fever, and we don't even think that's happening anytime soon. Ever since the gorgeous Virat and Anushka got married in a beautiful destination wedding in Tuscany, they've had our hearts and for all the right reasons. So, we just couldn't keep calm when the newlyweds returned to Mumbai on 23 December after hosting a grand reception in Delhi on the 21st.

Their fans and well wishers went crazy upon seeing them return back to Mumbai as newlyweds. Media people in huge numbers and several photographers followed the couple from the airport to Worli to get pictures of them entering their posh new house that they brought for a whopping 34 crores. But to everyone's surprise (including ours), Virushka did end up in Worli, but in a different housing complex altogether. Yes, that happened. Instead of going into their own housing society - Omkar 1973 - they entered a different society.


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Perplexed, right? We were too. But, it's nothing but this - Reportedly, Virat and Anushka are yet to get possession of their swanky 5 BHK sea facing apartment on the 34th floor of the posh building in Worli. So, when they came back to Mumbai, they were escorted by Virat's close friend to his house in a neighbouring complex. They waited there for the media to disperse till late in the evening and then went to their own housing society - Omkar 1973 - but again, to a different wing. This time it was Virat's sister on the 40th floor who welcomed the newlyweds to her house. Super confusing, right?

Well apparently, Virushka's lovenest is not ready yet and they still have a few days to go before they can get full possession of it. So, in the meanwhile, the owner of Omkar 1973 has offered Virushka to stay in his flat in the same building. That house is going to be Virat and Anushka's temperory residence till the time their own house gets ready for possession. It seems like Virat and Anushka still have some time to go before they can spend some romantic moments in their OWN lovenest. But hey, they'll get to do that super soon, or so we're hoping!

Well, we hope Virushka move in to their house super soon and start their married life just the way they want to! After all, these cuties deserve nothing but the best, right?