These Twitter Reactions To Virushka Meeting Modi Will Have You In Splits

These Twitter Reactions To Virushka Meeting Modi Will Have You In Splits

The power couple that swept the Indian media off their feet this year, newlyweds Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are officially back from their brief honeymoon in Finland and are all set to hold their wedding reception in New Delhi, to celebrate with their family and friends.

The reception for the couple’s relatives will be held in New Delhi today, 21st December 2017, which will be followed by the reception in Mumbai for cricketers and friends in the industry on 26th December 2017 - the pictures and highlights of which, we are really excited for!

After landing in the capital, Virushka made their way to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi to invite him to their grand ceremony, and the official PMO’s twitter handle posted the photo on social media.

As we all have come to know and love Twitterati for their remarkable sense of humour with all news important and trending in the country, they didn’t hold back even with this photograph of our PM and the celebrity couple, giving us some of their best reactions, ever.

1. All aboard the Aadhaar link express!

2. Because who could possibly say no to Italian mushrooms, am I right?

3. Why do it online when you’re already in line (to meet the PM)?

4. And here I can’t even take the time to do it sitting in front of my laptop

5. Asking all the right questions here...

6. ..followed by all the right answers!

Thank you for making us laugh, like you always do, Twitter-peeps! And here’s hoping Prime Minister Modi will attend Virushka’s invitation and give us way more photos to look forward to!