Thank You Virat And Anushka For Keeping It Real & Romantic When No One Else Does

Thank You Virat And Anushka For Keeping It Real & Romantic When No One Else Does

Virat and Anushka got married last evening in Italy and it was indeed a wedding straight out of a fairytale. Believe me when I say this because in times when wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am is the most popular thing, you want to see something that restores your faith in love. Last evening, was that one time when I took a deep breath with glistening eyes and believed that love, no matter how rare it is, will eventually find its way to you. The ‘Virushka wedding’ is the best thing that happened to everyone in 2017. So, this power couple just changed my mind with just one Instagram post and I realised that I am NOT going to settle for anything less than a God damn fairytale.

You know how sometimes you find a boy and your friends tell you he looks like the ‘bad boy’ but eventually you realise that love changes everything. It makes you a better person because there is a power that changes you. Over these years we have been watching them grow in a relationship that today, is making everyone green with envy. From meeting for the first time for an advertisement 4 years back to tying a knot in Italy, this couple has seen some amazing times together. They broke up, got back and did everything they could to keep each other together and needless to say they were fortunate enough to sustain. She has not missed his cricket matches and has always cheered for him in support and he, in turn has always got her back when people raised fingers. We all remember that incident, right?  They support each other's dreams and are always there for each other just giving us these goals in life that are just the ones we NEED to accomplish. Also, they just look amazing together!

Which gave me hope that there is that one great love for me (and all the single girls) out there. And so, I stand here today knowing that no matter where life takes me, I am going to wait till the right kind of love (the one they write stories about) reaches me. And just like every girl, who had once given up on love, I awaken my belief to realise that there is love for everyone. Maybe we are lost in the city lights and miss to see the stars or are just too disillusioned to not believe in love but believe me when I say this, there is a happy ending for everyone out there and it won’t reach us until we believe in it.

Congratulations once again, you both. Thank you for making us believe in love, once again. We wish you a lifetime of happiness!


Every hopeless romantic girl!