PM Modi's #MissionShakti Announcement Is A Meme Fest On Twitter & You Ought To Join It

PM Modi's #MissionShakti Announcement Is A Meme Fest On Twitter & You Ought To Join It

On the morning of 27th March 2019, India was in a state of deep unrest. When PM Narendra Modi declared that he was going to address the nation between 11:45 am and 12:00 pm with an important announcement, every citizen of the country loaded bags full of cash and headed straight for the bank. *wink*

Until the announcement was finally made, speculations were rife that the nation was going to be hit by another wave of demonetisation.

As Chowkidar Narendra Modi was half an hour late to make his announcement, Twitter expectedly exploded with memes in anticipation of the PM's big reveal.

Well, since elections are right around the corner...

1 pm modi announcement before

Waiting for demonetisation round 2

2 pm modi announcement before

When the going gets tough...

3 pm modi announcement before

Because priorities!

4 pm modi announcement before

When the entire nation came to a standstill

5 pm modi announcement before

Cause it felt like an eternity...

6 pm modi announcement before

All aboard the ship to the bank!

7 pm modi announcement before

The defining trait of the nation?

8 pm modi announcement before

However, PM Narendra Modi's address went on to reveal that India shot down a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite, which was a pre-determined target. He further said that the country has become a “space superpower” with the successful testing of an anti-satellite weapon. Also, we are only the fourth nation after the US, Russia and China to become a part of the elite space club.

"A short while ago, India has shot down an LEO satellite by an anti-satellite missile. It was conducted under Mission Shakti, which was completed in three minutes," PM Modi said in a special address. Well, three cheers for India! Despite the enthralling announcement (and we're obviously proud), Twitter didn't hold back on its Grade A meme game.

When a tweet is a meme in itself

1  pm modi announcement after

'Coz space and shiz

2 pm modi announcement after

Another one in the 100 crore club?

3 pm modi announcement after

When your panic attack is reduced to a hyper moment

4 pm modi announcement after

'Coz mitron, you got competition!

5 pm modi announcement after

WTF just happened?

6 pm modi announcement after

Another super secret mission underway?

7 pm modi announcement after

Now that we've established it is NOT DEMONETISATION

8 pm modi announcement after

The Real Big Revelation!

9 pm modi announcement after

Wait for it...

10 pm modi announcement after

The plot twist in Avengers: Endgame

11 pm modi announcement after

It's been one adventurous day, hasn't it? Jokes aside, now that India stands tall as a space power, we couldn't be more proud.

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