Chained It: The Runway-Approved Summer Hairstyle You Need To Copy, Immediately!

Chained It: The Runway-Approved Summer Hairstyle You Need To Copy, Immediately!

Do you like to experiment with your hair? Rock a new hairdo every day or change it as often as the characters in an Ekta Kapoor serial die and come back to life?

Me: Can't relate!

I’m pretty sure that I’ve rocked the same hairstyle since my previous birth because I cannot remember the last time I sported a new hairstyle. Same old, side parting with open hair.

It's not that I don't want to. I haven't found an upgrade yet. I have experimented with different hair colours every now and then. Some good, others I just wish to forget about completely.

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I’m always on a lookout to change my hairstyle but after giving it some thought, I realise...I. Just. Can’t. 

But then I saw this on the ‘gram and I knew that I had to give this a shot. See it for yourself...


Trying To Pull Off The #ChainPonytail

It might not have turned out as great as the reference image, but this is definitely worth a shot. If like me, you do not wish to turn up to events with the same hairstyle for the rest of your life, you need to step out of your comfort zone. 

(But first, let me warn you, this is definitely not a one-woman job!)

My Hair Before

Frizzy, unruly and hard to groom.

Healthy Hair Combo

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After Chaining It For Good

A few pumps of hair serum, some serious brushing and accessorizing later...Looks pretty dope, doesn't it?

To try this at home, you'll need:

- Loads of chain bracelets 

- A bobby pin

- Your BFF or mommy

How To Recreate The Look

Comb your hair properly and pull it together in a low-rise ponytail with a firm rubber band.

Now you'll need your BFF or mommy. Ask her to put bracelets in your ponytail (just as it's shown in the picture). Choose a long strand of hair from the corner, put it over your rubber band to hide it and seal it with a bobby pin. Yup, that's basically it.

If you wish to add more bracelets, you go girl!

What a great way to make use of your old bracelets, right?

And if you too wish to try out chains that are specially made for this, shop 'em below!


Hair Chains

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- Creative & customizable

- Looks totally #InstaWorthy

- Lightweight

- No one will have the same hairstyle as you

- Will get you lots of compliments


- Time-consuming

- Pulling out the bracelets from hair can be so annoying and painful

So, will I try out this hairstyle again? Absolutely YES! I cannot wait for you guys to try out this IRL!

Featured Image: Instagram

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