19 WTF Thoughts I Had While Watching *Daayan Ki Nazar* For The First Time

19 WTF Thoughts I Had While Watching *Daayan Ki Nazar* For The First Time

I spend a lot of time sitting in front of the television screen. I love Bollywood and I am always on the lookout for a new TV show. Sounds familiar? Well, unlike a lot of you, I'm not afraid of trying something that looks absolutely terrible. Daayan Ki Nazar was an obvious choice when I came across the show's promo on Star Plus. The storyline is about a boy Ansh and how his family is haunted by a Daayan until he gets saved by a fairy of sorts and decides to marry her. The CGI and creepy background music got me immediately hooked on to it.

When I went online to watch an episode, I decided to pick a random one with the strangest thumbnail. I spotted one with a woman with pink hair (I have had pink hair) and I was sold!

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I decided to pen down my thoughts as I made my way through a 22-minute episode and here they are!

1. The opening track is eery AF, there are graphics of voodoo dolls and braids that are lethal. I am no longer looking forward to this show, considering that it may be 'actually' scary. 

2. Okay, I am one second into the show and there is so much going on already! There is a floating girl with fake blue eyes, a man who is being creepily sexual as he says, 'Mujhe sirf shaadi se matlab hai, kisi se bhi.'

3. Listen to this - 'Vaise bhi payal bahut mamuli ladki thi, par dilruba meri takkar ki hai.' And for context (as much as I can provide in the one minute I have been watching the show for), Dilrooba is a floating witch who has a very shrill laugh and is frankly, not my favourite. 

4. Forgive me if I said this show was not fun because they actually have a legit storyline! The son of a daayan wants to marry a chudail, to piss off his mom. But contrary to what you may believe, chudail and daayan are not the same, they have different meanings that our patriarchal society gave women. 

5. The hero, Ansh, who is picking between his chudail and daayan is a daawansh himself! Of course, that makes complete sense. If only I knew WTF that meant in the first place.

chudail - daayan ki nazar

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6. In case I missed mentioning it, all of this is taking place on a shaadi ka mandap. So the demons/witches don't waste any more time. 

7. Four minutes into the show, cut to a new scene where a man is being held captive with tasers by his family until he turns into a snake. I have no logical explanation for this and neither do the scriptwriters of the show. 

8. There is also half a corpse of a woman lying in the corner, who has been stabbed but no one seems to be talking about her. Context guys, please?

9. I am going to start a fun game, count the number of times the word 'daayan' is said. It's at 20 right now. 

10. 'Daayan kisi sey pyar nibhaye na nibhaye, par nafraat voh puri shiddat se nibhati hai,' and the award for the best dialogue goes to - the aunty with a red bindi and three layers of jewellery.




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11. Here's what is happening right now, the chudail and Ansh are getting married. The dead body, who happens to be Ansh's first wife, is disintegrating and there is also a pandit who specialises in catching snakes. 

12. There is so much more of chudail and daayan mythology. Did you know, there is a daayan tree you need to pray before you marry someone in the daayan community? 

13. Another fun fact, chudails cannot walk on the floor as the earth absorbs all their powers and they pass out. How fascinating, tell me more...

14. The tree swallowed the chudail! This show is more twisted than The Game Of Thrones

15. Pandit made a boo-boo! He put the snake in something called 'ruby ki raakh' and ruby was also a chudail or daayan, some sort of a supernatural being that they had killed together. Wow, death means nothing to these people. 


16. Ansh splashed something from his eyeballs on his mother, the daayan and now her hair has turned pink. This is exhausting, can I turn this off? 

17. Can someone fix Ansh's weird accent, not everything is sexual! 

18. You have to see it to believe it, around 20 something bats just flew in to rescue the chudail. This show has got to be the most random thing on Indian television. 

19. Oh my god, the last second of the show is Ansh freezing his entire family in time so no one can stop him from getting married! 

It's over, my friends! Thanks for being a part of my adventure with Hindi TV shows which make absolutely no sense. You know the worst part, the TRPs of this show are amazing, it has a prime time slot on a leading television channel and actually promotes the concept of superstition and women being branded 'chudails' or 'daayans'. Did I have fun watching it? Absolutely. Would I watch it again? Absolutely, not. 

You can catch the episode here on Hotstar. 

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