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“I Got This *Feeling* When I Saw My Bride For The First Time…” - 7 Grooms Share!

“I Got This *Feeling* When I Saw My Bride For The First Time…” - 7 Grooms Share!

As ladies haven’t we all wondered what goes on inside a groom’s head when he first sees his bride walking down the aisle? Well, if you couldn’t find that out as yet, here are 7 men who shared their ‘first thoughts’ on seeing their woman dressed as a bride, on the secret-sharing app Whisper. Their responses were a mix of sweet, hilarious, and truly heartwarming. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. For him it meant everything!

1 thoughts about brides

2. Aww… happily ever after! *hearts*

2 thoughts about brides

3. Some guys do appreciate the effort that goes into looking bridal ready!

3 thoughts about brides

4. Better late than never… But so sweet, nonetheless!

4 thoughts about brides

5. Mixed feelings!*wink*

5 thoughts about brides

6. A valid concern, when you think about it- bright lights, a heavy outfit and all eyes on you!

6 thoughts about brides

7. Simple yet so sweet, right?

7 thoughts about brides

You can read the full story here.

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Published on Sep 22, 2017
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