What Do Guys & Girls *Really* Talk About At Rishta Meetings?

What Do Guys & Girls *Really* Talk About At Rishta Meetings?

Arranged marriages are quite common in India and the most interesting part about them is when a guy and a girl meet for the first time. Everything depends on how those first few minutes go and depending on those, your life can change. We wanted to discover what some of the things people talk about during a rishta meeting are and we found some really interesting answers on Quora. Read them now!

1. The one which talks about - work after marriage!

Gainedy Prashanti answers on Quora: My cousin and her family decided to meet with all the grooms and their families at my house. One of the boys had a very chatty personality and made everyone extremely comfortable. He asked if he could speak to my cousin separately and they were seated together. He asked her if she would want to work after marriage for which she said she wasn't sure and family was more important to her.

1 things to ask during rishta meeting

2. The one with standard topics - cooking, ex-girlfriends and the idea of love!

Puru Govind answers on Quora: The conversation includes a list of standard topics: Cooking, ex-girl friends, definition of TRUST and LOVE (the girls start this). Generally, the meeting ends here. At the end, if they manage to add themselves on Whatsapp, they might meet soon again. Otherwise Goodbye.

3. The one which suggests you to imagine a future with the other person!

Sristi Shukla answers on Quora: Try to make each-other comfortable. Talk about job timing and about job. It's an important point especially for boys, clear your view towards job. If you don't want her to do a job because of any reason, clear it. Try to talk about his/her bonding towards their family, you'll get to catch some glimpse of your future with him/her.

3 things to ask during rishta meeting

4. The one which tells you to ask anything you like!

Balaji Vishwanathan answers on Quora: In the 15-20 minutes you spend with the person, try to see if this is the person you can live with. Try to use your intuition and ask what the heart tells you. Cut out the brain, as you have done your diligence in the Step 2. Find out if you strike a bond with the other person. Find out if there is an emotional link. You can ask anything you like - a movie, a food or anything you assume the person might also like.

5. The one which tells you to make the best of the first meeting!

Krishna Chaitanya answers on Quora: Time is precious. Don't waste your time asking small details like what kind of movies you watch or what music do you listen to. These small details do not influence your decision to accept or reject that person. Once the big questions are answered, these things don't really matter. You can start your conversation by asking about their hobbies and interests, what he/she would like to do in their free time, what is his/her idea of having fun, etc. Once you are comfortable, you can get to the bigger questions about their expectations are from your life partner.

5 things to ask during rishta meeting

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