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Crazy, Fun & Bold - Here Are 5 Things Girls Think About A Penis!

Crazy, Fun & Bold - Here Are 5 Things Girls Think About A Penis!

Girls, let’s admit it - we do think about a guy’s penis, right? And most often, it’s not just about the size, there are other things too. So if you are wondering what are those ‘other’ things, here are some confessions from women on Reddit that you must check out. Funny, bold and crazy - these answers will reveal all the secrets thoughts women have about a guy’s penis.

1. The one who is fascinated by it!

Squinkie answers on Reddit:  I think they're great. I love the way they look, the way they function, the way they react to me and how they make my body react.

1 things girls think about penis

2. The one who finds it hilarious!

MangyJenks answers on Reddit: Personally, I think the penis is hilarious. My poor boyfriend is so loving and patient when I get in one of my ‘Oh my god! Look it's SPRING LOADED’ moods. Very fascinating for me, since I don't have one.

3. The one who likes to look at it!

CarolineTurpentine answers on Reddit: I like looking at them. When a guy makes a helicopter motion with his penis, I will always find it amusing.

3 things girls think about penis

4. The one who thinks it’s the best thing ever!

Dogandcatinlove answers on Reddit: One of the best things in my adult life. There is nothing ugly about a penis.

5. The one who has mixed feelings!

Golden-Calf answers on Reddit: Going against the grain here, but I have mixed feelings about them. A photo of a penis does nothing for me. I do like them in person though!

5 things girls think about penis

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

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Published on Jul 1, 2017
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