This Must Stop: Producers Guild of India Issues Powerful Statement Slamming Media Attacks

This Must Stop: Producers Guild of India Issues Powerful Statement Slamming Media Attacks

After months of conjectures, allegations and social media trolling faced by individuals from Bollywood, the Producers Guild of India, which represents the television and film industry, broke its silence. Issuing a detailed statement that touched upon nepotism, clickbaity news and the rape and death threats being faced by female members of the industry, the producers' body spoke how the media needed to move with empathy. 

The Producers Guild of India Issue A Statement

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"It is not the truth"

In their statement released on Friday, the leading body spoke against the relentless attacks being made on the film industry by the media, while emphasising on the need for responsible journalism. The aftermath of Sushant Singh Rajput's death has seen many from the industry being singled out and bearing the brunt of the masses, as speculations arise every day. Comprising 136 members, including Shahrukh Khan, Vishal Bhardwaj, Aditya Chopra, amongst others, the Producers Guild of India is headed by Siddharth Roy Kapur, their recent statement being a first formally issued one. 

"The tragic death of a promising young star has been used by some as a tool to defame and slander the film industry and its members. A picture has been painted of the industry as a terrible place for outsiders to aspire to; a place that treats those who dare to enter it with contempt and derision, a murky den of substance abuse and criminality. This narrative is salacious enough for the media to exploit to great effect in order to boost its ratings, readership and page views. But it is not the truth", read part of the statement issued on social media.

"Like any other sector, there is no doubt that the film industry has its imperfections, and there must always be an ongoing attempt by any industry to improve upon itself, learn and evolve, while weeding out unsavoury elements or improper practices that hold it back. But to an entire industry with the same brush is a gross misrepresentation of reality." It also went on to weigh in on the insider-outsider debate, stating that while those with connections and family in Bollywood had an upper hand, in the end, only an individual's talent and hard work mattered. Read the entire statement below. 

How The Industry Reacted

A number of actors and industry insiders supported the statement issued by the Producers Guild, standing in solidarity with the though. From Kareena Kapoor Khan to Farhan Akhtar and Swara Bhaskar, here's how Bollywood reacted to it. 


We hope that this puts speculations and unnecessary media trials to an end. 

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