‘I Feel Special & Secure When He...’ 7 Girls Reveal!

‘I Feel Special & Secure When He...’ 7 Girls Reveal!

Girls, don’t we all get that feeling that nothing can happen to us when our boyfriends are around? No, we aren’t talking about jumping in front of cars or rescuing us from a burning building - that only happens in movies, we know. But we are talking about those small little things he does that makes us feel special and secure. We found 7 girls on Whisper who revealed sweet things their guys had done for them! Read them all here.

1. We love it when a guy says that!

1 things men do

2. Yeah, it’s an amazing feeling!

2 things men do

3. Okay, this is so true!

3 things men do

4. A guy who does that can definitely make us weak in the knees!

4 things men do

5. That’s really sweet!

5 things men do

6. Best feeling in the world!

6 things men do

7. It totally makes our hearts melt!

7 things men do

You can read the full thread here on Whisper.

Aww, these were SO cute!

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