14 Times Ranbir & Ranveer Were Hilarious On ‘Koffee With Karan’!

14 Times Ranbir & Ranveer Were Hilarious On ‘Koffee With Karan’!
Koffee With Karan has always been one of our favourite shows and it will always be our guilty pleasure. Season 5 started with a bang with SRK and Alia Bhatt, but our favourite episode so far has been the latest one with our ‘cutiepie’ Ranbir Kapoor and our ‘befikra’ Ranveer Singh. This was the most fun episode so far, yes EVEN better than the Deepika-Sonam one. They are probably this season’s most entertaining guests and here are some of the most hilarious moments from their episode that won our hearts and made us laugh harder than we should have...

1. Ranbir spilled some beans and they stole Karan’s shoes...

Yeh toh bus shuruaat hai mere dost… Ranbir revealed that Karan gets Rs 1 crore per episode and they just get a hamper which is worth some five thousand bucks...and this gave Ranveer an idea! So they stole Karan’s jackets and shoes… Ranveer came across Karan’s Golden ‘Govinda wale jute’ and said - ‘yeh toh mai pakka le ke jane wala hoon’! After both Ranbir and Ranveer decided which shoe they’re going to whack Karan with, they went on to meet him... 1 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan

2. Ranveer threatened to hit Karan with the very shoe he stole from him! No, seriously…

Ranveer threatened to hurl Karan’s own shoe at him. He said - ‘If you say anything that’s out of line, we’re going to launch this at you’! And Karan asked him if he should be saying all this to him because he’s such a senior film maker. Ranveer being the befikra himself, asked him why he doesn’t carry himself like a senior film maker sometimes?! Ranveer also asked Karan to carry himself with poise just like Ranbir… And when Karan asked him what he was, he said - ‘I’m toh nanga aadmi’!
2 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan

3. Ranbir’s comment on Ranveer and Deepika’s relationship couldn’t get any better!

He said - ‘I really hope they see this through and make awesome babies together. I hope I’m their babies’ favourite actor.’ and poor Ranveer just felt victimized and targeted by the director-actor duo. 3 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan

4. Ranveer hitting on Karan just because…

Ranveer confessed that he was getting turned on by Karan Johar’s words and thoughts because he looked like a Ken doll! And and AND he also wanted to see Karan in a pair of white hot pants...because why the hell not?! 4 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan

5. Trippin’ on coffee? Ranveer’s excuse for EVERYTHING!

When Karan asked Ranveer whether he’s gone insane… He said - ‘It’s too much coffee, Karan. I’m tripping’ balls right now.’ He also revealed that he sleeps naked, while Ranbir sleeps in his pajamas and a t-shirt. 5 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan

6. When Karan tried to make Ranveer confess this relationship status…

Karan asked both Ranbir and Ranveer about their relationship status. Ranbir told him that he was single (yippie!), but Ranveer’s epic reply will make you laugh out loud! He said - ‘What are you? Facebook? You know, even on Facebook it’s not compulsory to answer that question!’ 6 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan

7. Ranbir’s thoughts about being single…

He said- ‘being single is boring. If you want space and all, join NASA.’ and it just made Ranveer’s coffee want to come out of his mouth!
Ranbir just wants love and someone to desire him! (but that’s ALL we’ve been doing ever since we saw you, Ranbir) *Sigh* 7 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan

8. When Ranveer told the world that he’s the best boyfriend in the world! Don’t we all agree?

Karan asked Ranveer how he’s like in a relationship and he said - ‘I’m a giver’ and Ranbir just had one thing to say - ‘Bohot deta hai yeh! He also said - ‘I always said it. I’m the best boyfriend in the world. I’m very proud of that also.’ 8 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan

9. When they suddenly started talking about...PORN!

Then they moved on to talk about sex and love. Ranveer’s take on that was simple - for him, sex is much better when there’s love involved. Ranbir said - ‘Casual sex is very similar to masturbation. It’s worse than masturbation.’ Then Karan asked him where porn plays a part... And suddenly, out of nowhere, they started talking about porn! Ranbir said - ‘Porn is unhealthy. It’s too violent and dark.’ and Ranveer told him that he was watching the wrong kind of porn! And Karan asked him if he was watching Japanese porn?! Ranveer asked Ranbir when he last watched porn and he told him that he watched it the day before! ‘Jis thaali pe khata hun, usi mein thookta hun’ he said...
9 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan

10. When Ranbir and Ranveer kissed...Arjun Kapoor.

In this episode Karan Johar introduced a new segment called ‘Kiss With Them’, which was a never have I ever kinda game. Only, instead of taking a sip from the drink, they had to kiss and tell whether they’ve done something or not. And they had to kiss none other than Arjun Kapoor who was the ‘object of desire’ in the segment. 10 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan

11. Who’s the better kisser, Ranbir or Ranveer?

At the end of the segment Karan asked Arjun who the better kisser was and he chose Ranbir. He said - ‘Ranbir was softer, subtler kisser. Ranveer used tongue and was harsh.’ and Ranveer just felt betrayed by him. Ranveer was sulking while Ranbir ko thoda ishq ho gaya… *Hahaha* 11 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan

12. Ranveer revealed the secret of his ‘padded underwear’!

In the first episode of KWK, SRK in his rapid fire round said he would like to ask Ranveer whether he was wearing a padded underwear in Befikre, and, if he wasn’t, he had a fan in SRK! Karan asked Ranveer to comment on that and his reply was the funniest thing about this episode. He said - ‘It was a particularly cold day, I had to stuff. I’m saving them post production cost and headache. Otherwise they would have to enhance in post...they’d have to do VFX on my red chilly!’ Karan and Ranbir couldn’t stop laughing out loud, and neither could we!
12 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan

13. Ranveer mimicked Sonam and left everyone in splits!

After singing a double meaning song they were given an acting challenge where they had to enact Sonam and Alia discussing who should win the best actress award this year. Ranveer knocked the ball out of the court when he, as Sonam Kapoor, described why she should win all the awards for Neerja. He already won all awards for her when he said ‘I mean I was wearing one uniform in the whole film…’ 13 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan

14. When they danced like nobody’s watching!

In their ‘Koffee Quiz’ they were asked to do some hook steps and they both totally nailed it! Actually, we’ve to say Ranbir was a little better because Ranveer forgot some… This segment was too much fun! Ranveer was so desperate to win that he asked Karan if he would win if he’d take off his shirt…?! 14 ranbir kapoor ranveer singh koffee with karan If you haven’t watched the episode yet, you can watch it here. After catching both of them unplugged on KWK, we’ve fallen in love with them once again! What about you? Featured Images: Koffee With Karan, Season 5 Episode 4