15 Reasons Being A ‘Mall-Going’ Girl Doesn’t Make You A BAD Bahu

15 Reasons Being A ‘Mall-Going’ Girl Doesn’t Make You A BAD Bahu

Girls, we have all, at some point or the other, been tired of living in this misogynistic world. And with internet, people come and say WHATEVER they like and well, guess what? So can we! Here, we take this opportunity to talk about something which you might have seen trending on Twitter last night - Rabri Devi. Now, if you are wondering why? Well because, according to an article titled -  ‘No Mall-Going Girls For My Sons, Want ‘Well-Cultured’ Brides For Them: Rabri Devi’ in Indian Express, Rabri Devi is looking for bahus - oh or should we say, she’s looking for ‘well-cultured’ bahus, not the mall-going ones - and being prospective bahus, we have a few things we really want to tell her. So here it goes.

To Prospective Saasu Maa,

Here are fifteen reasons being a ‘mall-going’ girl doesn’t make us ‘bad bahus’. If anything, it makes us better at the ‘job’ you put us upto!

1. The mall is where we get gifts for our in-laws from and well, who doesn’t like gifts?

2. We go to the mall to buy fairness creams because you, mummy ji, prefer ‘gori gori bahus’.

3. Because the mall is where we get all that sexy lingerie that we wear under our sarees because how else will your son enjoy his nights? If you know what we mean!

4. Because sometimes we run out of gangajal to wash off the shame of not being able to make gol chapatis!

5. We basically go to the mall to make our ‘NOT-to-do’ list!

5  rabri devi

6. We go to the mall to find your son because ‘ek suhaagan ka swarg uske pati ke charno mein hai’!

7. Mummy ji, we go to the malls sometimes to show all these ‘ill-mannered, modern’ women how to be the perfect bahu!

8. We go to the mall to take a walk - that keeps our weight in control. After all you prefer a ‘slim’ bahu, na.

9. The mall is where we get food and if we don’t get food how will your son enjoy his favourite ‘Chinese’ cuisine?

10. There are multiplexes in malls and that’s where we get to watch Babuji (read: Alok Nath) and learn all the sanskars. After all, who can teach ‘sanskars’ better than Babuji does!

10 rabri devi

11. Mummy ji, ‘Sabhyata’, ‘Biba’ and all other Indian wear brands are in the mall and that is where we get our suits and sarees from. Salwar suit is equal to sanskars, no?!

12. Because we don’t forget our sanskaar lessons just by entering a mall. We ain’t ‘Ghajini’ yo!  

13. Because ain’t nothing wrong with your sanskaari bahu enjoying some chillin’ AC air when the heat outside is trying to melt the sindoor off her forehead. After all, har suhagan ke sarr ka taj hota hai ek chutki sindoor!

14. Occasionally, we need to deafen ourselves with cinema hall ‘noise’ because we need to NOT hear all the non-sanskaari gyaan the rest of the world is trying to impart to us!

15. Mummyji, apologies but there were way too many daags on our chunari by now…because, we went to the mall SO many times for SO many reasons and now we need to buy a new chunari!

15 rabri devi


Your Prospective Bahus

After all, bahu hi toh ghar ki izzat hai!

GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr