Paris Gets Its First Ever Naked Restaurant - We’re Officially Moving

Paris Gets Its First Ever Naked Restaurant - We’re Officially Moving

Every single one of us has had moments where putting on pants for prepared plans has been a task. We’re just way too comfortable in our undies, or for those who live alone, lounging around with barely any clothes, because it’s the best kind of bliss.

Well, what if a restaurant gives you a solution to your dressing up woes, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a meal, stark naked?

Known for its affinity to nudity, Paris has launched its first ever naked restaurant where, as you can imagine, diners can tuck into their favourite meals while being completely nude. The aptly named restaurant, O’naturel, made its debut on November 2 with the members of Association des Naturistes de Paris according to Le Parisien newspaper.

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Founded by brothers Mike and Stéphane Saada, the restaurant seats 40 people at a time, and allows diners to strip down and leave their clothes in the cloakroom, before they proceed to dine like kings in their birthday suits. To ensure the customers’ privacy and avoid curiosity from people passing by, the entry and windows of the restaurant are fitted with black curtains. The best part? The neighbours, who were intrigued at first, are totally onboard the idea and have welcomed the restaurant into their neighbourhood, stating that the concept doesn’t bother them in the least.

According to France 4 Naturism association, more than 2.6 million people in France have made nudism a regular habit, with around 460 areas including 155 camping sites and 73 beaches, reserved for enjoying facilities in the nude.

Nudity is a personal choice and is probably not going to see the light of day in a country like India (I mean, we are still printing front page news about a woman’s cleavage), but hey France, you do you. More power to you!

Images: Unsplash, O’naturel