Neha Dhupia & Hubby Angad Never Actually Dated Before The Wedding & You HAVE To Know Why!

Neha Dhupia & Hubby Angad Never Actually Dated Before The Wedding & You HAVE To Know Why!

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi tied the knot in May, 2018 and to say no one saw it coming would be an understatement. Forget fans and media not knowing, the couple’s own friends also didn’t have a clue. The actors became man and wife in an intimate ceremony and have been sharing the sweetest photos together ever since!

But their love story still seems to be an enigma of sorts with people guessing what might have happened. In a recent interview with a leading magazine, Neha Dhupia revealed that she actually received more messages from friends who were shocked at the hush-hush wedding than friends saying congratulations. TBH, if we were Neha and Angad’s friends, even we would have been like “WHAATT?!”


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Neha said, “Yes, it was a surprise to a lot of people. But Angad was clear from the beginning. He said, 'You're not someone with whom I want to be in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. So, either we turn this into marriage or we continue being just friends.”

She also added that there were more people texting her and saying “what the fuck” after they heard the news than people saying “congratulations.”

When asked about why she kept the whole wedding a secret until the two were actually married, she said, “I don't believe it was hush-hush or secret as much as it was private. Both of us are private people. I hope we can maintain that. It's going to be hard. But I'm going to try and protect my personal life as much as I can. By that I don't mean dissing completely what's in the public eye. We just wish to control the amount of information we want to let out about our private lives.”

Keeping private life private and away from media scrutiny... We’ve heard that one before!

Talking to IANS she had earlier revealed how Angad popped the question and it isn’t one of those going down on one knee sort of thing. Nope, the Lust Stories star revealed that Angad actually went straight to her parents. Woah, bold move! She said, “Angad proposed to me in the nicest way possible wherein he went straight to my parents and then my mom called me saying that he is the nicest guy for you. But back then, I thought it wasn't the right time and said no to his proposal. But on May 3rd this year, he asked me to come with him to Delhi. He dropped a hint that we need to settle down and proposed marriage in front of my parents which came as a surprise to both my parents and me.”

After being turned down once, having the guts to ask the girl you love to marry you again, that calls for #respect! 

These two make the cutest couple in Bollywood and our hearts just can't take all that mush. Maybe Rahul Khanna was right after all- pyaar dosti hai! ❤

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