Need A Mid-Week Getaway? JW Marriott Jaipur Resort & Spa Is The Perfect Place To Unwind

Need A Mid-Week Getaway? JW Marriott Jaipur Resort & Spa Is The Perfect Place To Unwind

We at POPxo believe in the concept of working hard and partying even harder. After all, we all need a break to unwind and get back in the game. So, a week ago, when my colleague and I had to travel to Jaipur for a meeting, we decided to make the most of getting out of town--all thanks to JW Marriott Jaipur Resort and Spa, who decided to host us while we were there. This hotel is located on the highway, so we had absolutely no trouble locating it. I was travelling with my colleague, Nithya, who I have been working with for the past year. It was the first time we were travelling together and we took our own time to get comfortable with each other. After our meeting, we checked in at the hotel. We were welcomed in a traditional Rajasthani way. They applied a ‘tikka’ on our foreheads, gave us a welcome drink and made the check-in process so smooth for us! 

We were a bit relaxed after the meeting, so we decided to freshen up and head straight for lunch. We decided to dine at the Sukh Mahal and it was a perfect start to the small getaway we both got in the middle of the week. After we stuffed ourselves, we decided to rent a bike and explore the hotel. I cycled after so long and was absolutely rejuvenated. My colleague, Nithya, loved the experience, and so we decided to explore the place a little more. 

After a tiring bicycle ride, we both headed back to our room to relax for a bit before dinner time. Soon after it was sunset, we got ready and dined at the most exquisite restaurant I have ever seen in my life--the beautiful Mohan Mahal. I had read up about this restaurant and was super excited to go. This place was everything that I was hoping for. It was lit up--and not with lights but with candles. There were approximately 2.5 lakh mirrors that were reflecting the light, making this place my royal dream. Each dish they served represented different regions of Rajasthan. Whether you love vegetarian food or non-vegetarian, there was something delicious for everyone!

I am glad we both got this time off in the middle of the week. Because of our hectic work schedules, we barely got time to know each other. We spoke for hours and hours and realised that we have so much in common. I believe that is the reason that we both get along with each other so well. We overate that night and decided to call it a day. The next day, we decided to go for a swim before leaving. The temperature-controlled pool gave us a summer vibe during the peak winter season. I am glad this trip happened because now I know her so much better than I did before. 

*This post is in association with JW Marriott Jaipur Resort & Spa.