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Mother Of The Year: Proud Mom Celebrates Her Son's 60% Score In Class X Board Exams

Mother Of The Year: Proud Mom Celebrates Her Son's 60% Score In Class X Board Exams

With Mother's Day just around the corner, I'm sure you all are gearing up to make your mom feel like the best person on earth. Mothers are so special, aren't they? Well, this one mother has been making the headlines recently, because she is celebrating her son's achievement who passed his tenth class board exams with a score of 60%. Confused? Let me explain.

1 class 10 board result

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CBSE announced the class X results on Monday, with more than 2.25 lakh students scoring 90% and above. The dizzying upward march of marks in board exams has continued over the years and the frenzy of securing the 'perfect' score has been spreading like an epidemic among students during the wretched examination season.

You'd think we've established that board exam results are not a benchmark of a child's future success...

3 class 12 board result

This mom (who's been labeled as the 'mother of the century' by netizens) can't stop gushing over her son who cleared his board exams by scoring 60%. Vandana Sufia Katoch wrote an emotional post for her son, Aamer, and marveled at his achievement. Her happiness and joy knew no bounds as she showered praises on her son for the efforts he put in to overcome the horrific hurdle i.e. the board exams! Check out her Facebook post that went viral for all the right reasons.

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In her post, Vandana wrote, "Here's to you, Aamer. And others like you - fishes asked to climb trees. Chart your own course in the big, wide ocean, my love. And keep your innate goodness, curiosity, and wisdom alive. And of course, your wicked sense of humour!"

2 class 12 board result

Well, this is exactly the kind of attitude that we need to help encourage the students to pave their own path. It helps educate youngsters about the fact that marks aren't the end of the world. Aamer didn't secure 90 or 95%, but his mother is still extremely proud of him. Netizens called her a 'supermom' and declared that we need more mothers like her. One of the Facebook users commented on her post, saying, "Kudos to moms like you! With you as a mother, your son will always be a winner!"

Exams are a harsh reality we can’t wish away. While we should encourage children to put their best foot forward, we must also let them know that marks don't define a person. Well, Vandana made sure that her son, as well as the world, knew this and has undoubtedly won the Mother Of The Year award this year!

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