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Kalki Koechlin’s Sweet Words For Her Mother Will Move You To Tears

Kalki Koechlin’s Sweet Words For Her Mother Will Move You To Tears

Kalki Koechlin is undoubtedly the torch bearer for women everywhere - with her powerful words and profound messages, the star is a real source of inspiration in an industry where such role models - especially onscreen - are hard to come by. And she’s done it, yet again; this time in a beautifully worded post about her mother. The post comes at the onset of her upcoming movie, The Ribbon, set to release on November 03rd, 2017, where Kalki will be seen opposite Sumit Vyas.

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Kalki, who is known to take on films with impactful storylines and powerful characters that add substance and value onscreen and for the viewers, has always drawn a lot of inspiration into her personal life through the roles she portrays in her movies. And that’s where her heartfelt note came from. Read what the actor said here .

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While the story of her birth in a village, called Auroville moved me, as a reader, what really catches one’s attention is the fact that a mother’s role, for the most part of it goes unappreciated - it’s like one of those duties you’re meant to do anyway; part of the job. Kalki beautifully brings to life the night she came into this world. “My father tried to look busy with the kerosene lamp to avoid any chance of looking at the blood and struggle of the scene,” she reveals in the post. Her mother, Francoise Armandie, who chose to give birth to her daughter at home, instead of a hospital, had a ten-year gap after the actor’s brother was born before she conceived Kalki and had also suffered a miscarriage.

The post is an ode to how,  more often than not, the role of a mother in the lives of her children goes unwitnessed. “For too long now, all that mothers do to raise their kids, balance work and family -- it's just been considered a given,” Kalki goes on to say.  

Furthermore, she urges her friends and followers to speak up about their own stories of their childhood and parenting, by sharing photographs, videos or just stories of how they made it work.Her words are nothing less than an inspiration calling out to every mother to come forward and do the same - be a source of inspiration to their own children.

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If it moves you enough, go ahead share your story of motherhood or your mum’s with Kalki. I bet it deserves to be heard. And if nothing else, at the very least, it will make you want to go over to your own mother and express to her in words, or gestures, how grateful you are for the sacrifices she made so you can get to wherever you are today.