If Aditya Roy Kapoor Was My Best Friend He'd Be My person

If Aditya Roy Kapoor Was My Best Friend He'd Be My person

Today is Aditya Roy Kapoor’s birthday. He's undoubtedly the new age chocolate boy of the millennium. Shahid Kapoor passed the baton on to him in the relay race, clearly. And for good reason, too. He’s cute, he’s goofy and he’s absolutely adorable. That smile, those dimples and the mischievous twinkle in his eyes are all enough to make our hearts melt. And after watching him in that completely hilarious episode of Koffee With Karan where he appeared with Parineeti Chopra, I’m convinced that he and I have the potential to be best friends forever. After all, I love pulling my friends’ legs too! So here’s what I think it would be like if Adi, as I would lovingly call him, was my best buddy!

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If Aditya was my best friend, he’d be crazy popular among women. Even though I would be totally immune to his charm since we’re just friends, all my female friends would swoon over him ALL the time, much to my annoyance. I would be the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) and girls would befriend me only to get his number. *major eye roll*. But, like the sweetheart he is, he’d be oblivious to his charm and always embarrassed when complimented! Aww!

If Aditya was my best friend, anytime with just the two of us would be a downright laughter riot. We’d have so many inside jokes that anyone else who was along with us would be irritated at not having understood anything that went on. They'd think we're just plain retarded. I mean, come on, we’re bound to be giggling and judging others 24*7.

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If Aditya was my best friend, he’d always be zoned out. He seems like a person who can escape into his own world in the middle of an important conversation, as well. I would find him daydreaming during an important presentation at work and would have to kick him under the table to get him back to reality. *sigh* I’m already drained!

If Aditya was my best friend, I’d totally bully him into doing me favours. And because he’s nice like that, he would always have my back without complaining. I’d emotionally blackmail him to come rescue me from a bad date even when it’s really far away. I'd also coerce him into making a college presentation for me by threatening to reveal his secrets to the whole wide world. (Just FYI, I would never go through with the threats though!)

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If Aditya was my best friend, my parents would trust him completely. I mean, look at that innocent face. Which parent wouldn’t trust those eyes? And just imagine the kind of stuff I would be able to get out of, including night outs, just by taking his name. Aah, the perks of being friends with him!

If Aditya was my best friend, our respective partners would always be insecure about our relationship, and maybe for good reason. While it's only platonic, it'll still be one of the best relationships of my life and our partners would have to understand why we love each other so much!

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If Aditya was my best friend, I would have to be his mother, his guardian, and his protector. He truly is a gullible person and he will, at all times, need to be protected from all the gold-diggers throwing themselves at him.

If Aditya was my best friend, we would be each other’s biggest supporters and critics. I would totally pester him all the time to take on better movies and projects that challenged him as an actor. And oh man, he would always get on my nerves by trying to get me to the gym, because let’s be honest, that’s the only thing I need to work on right now! *wink*

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If Aditya was my best friend, he would truly be my person. The one I call at 2am to cry about boys, the one who will come running when I'm in trouble, the one who'll drop me home when I'm passed out after a night of drinking. He'll be my person and that'll always be enough!

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