The Funniest Memes About The 'Car Launched Into Space' That Have Us Chuckling

The Funniest Memes About The 'Car Launched Into Space' That Have Us Chuckling

It was a historical moment for our planet on 6th February 2018, as SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk successfully launched his SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket – and with it, sent a cherry red convertible Tesla Roadster orbiting through space.

And so, Tuesday evening was spent by earthlings around the world marvelling at the space-suited dummy nicknamed 'Starman' behind the wheel of the Roadster. 

As David Bowie's Life on Mars played on the stereo during the SpaceX live stream launch, everyone received a spectacular view of the Earth and moon from a distance from the car, and it really was the most spectacular sight to behold! The video, titled 'Live Views of Starman' has already garnered over 12 million views as of today!

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Here are some of the hilarious reactions you should not miss!

1. Pfft! Who does Elon think he is, trying to one-up the Lord of the Sith? 

2. More like: to infinity and beyond!

3. Best misunderstanding ever!

4. Ugh. Would you believe that?

5. With just a little bit of Earthshine coming through

6. "You are on the fastest route despite usual traffic"

7. Well, well, well...look how that turned out

8. Period.

9. Mileage kitna deti hai?

10. Make this a movie OMG! Sidenote: Never piss off Elon Musk.

11. Doc Emmet Brown would be so proud! *plays Back To The Future theme on loop*

12. The one meme that never gets old - Starman Edition

 Ah, the internet never disappoints!