Dear Bae, Here Are 7 Little Things That Annoy Me About You!

Dear Bae, Here Are 7 Little Things That Annoy Me About You!

Girls, we know that you are head over heels in love with your boyfriend but there is always that one weird little thing that he does that annoys you, right? You might not be able to understand why he does it but then no one is perfect after all. So, cheers to all those strange habits men have! Let us celebrate our love and annoyance together with this thread we found on Reddit. These girls who have a happy and healthy relationship shared one thing that annoys them about their boyfriend and their reactions are...bang on!   

1. The one whose boyfriend saves his *farts* for the night-time...

Clowenator answers on Reddit: Night farts. it's like he saves them all day for me to enjoy when I'm trying to fall asleep.

1 girls shared annoying things boyfriends do - minion fart gun

2. The one whose boyfriend changes the lyrics of all popular songs and then...sings!

_Boov answers on Reddit: He changes the words to popular songs, sings them constantly, and gets them stuck in my head. So then I just repeat the WRONG WORDS over and over in front of people.

3. The one whose boyfriend expects her to have super power of hearing everything clearly from a distance…

Little_Mizzfreestyle answers on Reddit: Starts to say something to me while walking away. All I hear is ‘Hey, don't forget to hakfnwnaldnwsmf.’ I'm looking around trying to decipher what the hell he just said to me and start making shit up. He'll get mad when he has to repeat himself.

3 girls shared annoying things boyfriends do - girl listening from distance

4. The one whose boyfriend takes too long to narrate stories and then...forgets!

Allisonwonderland00 answers on Reddit: When he tells stories he takes for-f***ing-ever to get to the point, and sometimes forgets the point of the story in the middle of it. My worst trait: I am impatient.

5. The one whose boyfriend cuddles with her to the level of ‘heat stroke’!

Derangedbuffalo answers on Reddit: He's like a human heater and likes cuddling too much, so I end up waking up in the middle of the night literally sweating as he constantly rolls over to spoon me, which is really sweet until I almost get a heat stroke.

5 girls shared annoying things boyfriends do - girl and guy cuddling

6. The one whose boyfriend doesn’t open up easily...

PeenonoR answers on Reddit: He doesn't open up to me until he comes to his breaking point.

7. The one whose boyfriend enjoys impersonating Italians...a lot!

Butt_plague answers on Reddit: His absolutely awful Italian impersonations he obnoxiously does in public just to embarrass the hell out of me. I get so annoyed, turn bright red, sweat profusely and yell at him to stop but that just makes him yell ‘eyyyy linguini’, etc louder.

7 girls shared annoying things boyfriends do - joey audition

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

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