7 ‘Happily Ever After’s That'll Make You Believe In Fairytales!

7 ‘Happily Ever After’s That'll Make You Believe In Fairytales!

We have all loved fairytales all our lives and we would love to have a disney story of our own, right? And why shouldn’t we? Even though we know that there’s a difference between reality and fantasy, fairytales...they just make you believe in magic. And lucky are those who get that *fairytale* in real life. Here are some stories that we found on Whisper which are just as cute as any fairytale you've heard. These are literally the sweetest love stories we’ve read in a long time… So scroll down and share them with your boyfriend!

1. Well, it was meant to be…

1 fairytale love stories

2. We bet it will be the *best* day of your lives!

2 fairytale love stories

3. Haha, isn't this just SO cool?!

3 fairytale love stories

4. We need more men like you! *Heart*

4 fairytale love stories

5. Best. Gift. Ever.

5 fairytale love stories

6. Aww! That’s adorable.

6 fairytale love stories

7. A daughter playing fairy godmother - so, so sweet!!

7 fairytale love stories

You can read the full thread here on Whisper.

These are so heartwarming!

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