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Take The #DateChallenge And Ask Them Out, Ladies!

Take The #DateChallenge And Ask Them Out, Ladies!

With a sweaty palm and my heart beating out of my chest (almost) I texted my crush ‘I really like you, would you like to go out with me sometime?’, and waited for a full 15 minutes before he kindly told me that he wasn’t really that into me, but if it was any consolation, he thought I was cute. It wasn’t any consolation and from that day onwards, I decided to never ask anyone out. The idea of putting yourself out there, open to rejection was just unbearable. I mean, why would I do that when I can simply sit and overthink waiting for my crush to ask me out? It’s a no-brainer, really!

Only when Oloni*, a London based sex and relationship blogger and vlogger, took to Twitter urging women to ask their crushes out and post pictures of their actual response did I get thinking about why it is such a task for women to ask men out.

1 date challenge

It had been a personal choice for me to not ask a guy out; but, if you think about it, this means always leaving the man at a more vulnerable position. Expecting the guy to put himself in a spot just because I am too comfortable to move out of mine. In simple words, this would be called unfair. And love is anything, but unfair.

Of course, there is always the risk of rejection like this one…

2 date challenge

Image: Mocha on Twitter

And this one…

3 date challenge

Image: Oyinkansola on Twitter

...but, hey, as long as someone is honest and you have tons of people in the huge world wide web to catch you, you’ll do just fine!

Because in between all the wrong ones, there would also be a few just perfect ones.

4 date challenge

Image: Alys Murray on Twitter

5 date challenge

Image: Zahra on Twitter

6 date challenge

Image: Kiara on Twitter

So, here is the plan of action - if there is anyone in your life you have been waiting to ask you out, stop. Drop him a text, or call him up and just ask him. Take inspiration from this #DateChallenge and if you don’t wish to publicly put up the response, just take that leap of faith anyway. It could be worse than you’d expected, or…it could be everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

*Oloni’s Twitter account has been suspended for unknown reasons.